Dokev was one of the colorful highlights of Gamescom 2021 now shows new gameplay

Already two years ago, Pearl Abyss introduced the first trailer to the Open World Game Docves. After that it became calmer around the game, to Gamescom 2021. There, the new trailer of Dokev was one of the highlights. Now the developer shows new gameplay and gives insight into the development.

What is Dokev? This is probably the very hardest question of the whole game at the moment. Dokev is an open-world game where it comes to make monsters to your friends and then fight them.

The concept is clearly reminiscent of Pokémon and Tem-Tem, but has its own charm. Because the struggles do not run round-based, but in real time and also your game character makes more than just standing around.

The focus of the title should be on exploration and history. So every Delfebi, like the monsters, has its own quest series. If you are completing this, the documentary is your buddy and then fight for you.

The fight against the evil group The Company and his nasty robots is at the center of the main history of Dokev. All around there is much to discover in the world.

How much multiplayer is in it? An MMO should not be Dokev. Nevertheless, it brings multiplayer aspects in the co-op as well as in the competitive sense. How exactly this looks, but is not yet known.

The colorful trailer for Dokev caused a stir at Gamescom 2021 for a lot of a stir. Even the grumpy Streamer Asmongold celebrated the game. The trailer already showed some game scenes and teaches well which mood Dokev wants to convey.

Here you can watch the trailer:

Who makes Dokev? Especially exciting is that Dokev is developed by a studio, which otherwise has little with colorful and sweet settings. Pearl Abyss is mainly known for the MMORPG Black Desert online, the Moba Shadow Arena or the upcoming shooter plan 8.

Dokev highlights significantly from the other titles. But the developers have a significant vision for the game. So it should turn your own imagination and put the world with these fantastic elements in the foreground. Since she plays a child, especially the fantasy world of a child is responsible for the colorful look.

New gameplay and exciting insights into development

What s new? An about 10 minutes long video from the Korean Channel Subusu News had the opportunity to visit the developers at Pearl Abyss and to collect new impressions about Dokev.

The video is primarily about the technique that is used to produce Dokev. The enormous details in the game world are the focus. These are achieved by putting real objects and people in a specially built 3D scanner.

The 3D scanner provides over 180 cameras that then photograph the object and display graphically on the computer in 3D. In this way, the world of Dokev shines in really good graphics and is just preloading.

Pearl Abyss also relies on motion capturing in the development of the title. So that everything works well, a new and specially developed for Dokev Engine comes into play.

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What does the gameplay look like? Subusu News shows game scenes that are actually played in-game. They come from a preview version of the developers and were filtered from the screen as a direct recording was not possible.

To see is a player character at a harbor. Especially the water makes an enormous impression here, as it reacts very dynamically. There are several changes in the daytime and weather and their influence on the game world.

You can see the new scenes in the video from Minute 5:

The animations of the character are particularly well watching, which is to be seen as he runs through the city to the harbor. The world itself, however, is still very empty. But it is a very early game version, so it can be assumed that it is still filled.

When is Dokev? A possible release date has not yet been mentioned by Pearl Abyss. Even an alpha or beta version of Dokev is currently not foreseeable. Therefore, it is unlikely that the title will appear 2021. But we press the thumbs for 2022.

What do you think about Dokev? Is the colorful style of the game exactly your thing or ask you more how Dokev can come from the same minds, like Black Desert and Plan 8? Are you looking forward to the release and what do you think about the gameplay? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo. In an interview with the developers, the boss promises us: Fun for the whole family .