Metroid Dread has an error that prevents from completing the game but Nintendo already prepares a patch

Metroid Dread is a success in all aspects. Not only has it been placed as the Spanish game better valued of all time, but its sales reflect the interest of the public by the new adventure of Samus Aran, which has already smooth historical records of the franchise in the United Kingdom and Japan. However, its launch is not exempt from obstacles, and now a failure has been found that prevents players from finishing the title . Luckily, Nintendo is already aware and prepares an update for this same October.

The error expels the user of the game near the end of the adventure According to the Nintendo website, which shares the information, Metroid Dread closes suddenly almost at the end of the game. In this sense, when users destroy a door while the map shows the marker of this same item, the title shows the message the program has been closed because of an error and expel the application player. An error that will have taken over a scream of despair for its location in the chronology of the adventure.

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However, the Japanese company has echoed the ruling and proceeded to share a temporary solution : reopen the game, remove the bookmark icon from the map and continue with the way. In this way, players will have the possibility of continuing the delivery without having to wait for the next Nintendo patch, which will be released at some point in this October .

Therefore, if you have been victims of this bug, Nintendo already gives you an option to definitely end the game without it unexpectedly closed. And, for those who want to buy Metroid Dread in the future, they can be calm that Your adventure will be free of errors . Of course, this has been a title that has left very positive opinions , as it has driven sales of past delivery of the saga, but has also had its dose of controversial by not reflecting all its Developers in credits. So, for good or evil, it is shown that Mercury Steam has left footprint in the development of video games.