Metroid Dread is the Spanish game best valued of all time according to media scores

Nintendo caught our attention with a Direct during the E3 in which Metroid Dread was presented for Nintendo Switch: the new adventure of Samus Aran on an unknown and hostile planet. And, if before we were already surprised with the new title of Mercury Steam, now, with its launch, this surprise has multiplied, since the press has valued Metroid Dread with such positive scores that it has been placed as the Spanish game with Better notes in history . All a milestone for Mercury Steam.

The media have valued Metroid Dread with an average of 89 points A celebration motive that we know thanks to Devue, the platform that monitors Spanish games and developers. Since, as they advertise on their Twitter account, Metroid Dread has achieved an average note of 89 points , so it is placed as the most successful Spanish game between the press, according to score 53 National and international reviews .

In this sense, the Spanish media has valued Metroid Dread with an average note of 91 points , something that is minimally reduced by international criticism, which have an average of 88 . So, in summary accounts, Mercury Steam can be satisfied with a game that does not only relive the Metroid franchise with a new game, but has also done it by excellent way .

As it is evident, this success is not only seen in criticism, but also in the weekly sales , since Metroid Dread has beaten records for the Saga in the United Kingdom. Of course, a title that left us good flavor of mouth in his first impressions, and he has finished fascinating with the keys of his adventure. And, since it could not be otherwise, in 3DGEGOS we join the celebration with our Metroid Dread analysis, where we reiterate the great work of Mercury Steam.