Doom Slayer celebrates his arrival at Smash next to Cinnamon

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Although Doom Slayer did not reach Super Smash Bros. Ultimate As many would have liked it, the truth is that we can play with him … but like a suit for your mii . Yes, we know that this news is disappointing, but at least finally the desired crossover between Doom and Animal Crossing will be fulfilled.

Since last year the fans have been demanding to see Doom Slayer Fighting side by side with cinnamon , the adorable character of animal crossing. Good, via Twitter , The official account of Doom , is aware of this and so celebrated:

At last together

Together at last pic.twitter.com/aa1zox5pua

  • Doom (@doom) October 19, 2021

Remember that SORA will already be the last DLC character for this game, so do not expect to see Doom Slayer as something more than a mii suit.

Editor s note: And it is that you will remember, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal exactly the same day, that is, the March 20, 2020. Like Such, they were generated endless memes and requests by demanding a crossover between both sagas, and thanks to smash , it was finally succeeded. Sadly, the Doom Slayer is only a suit for your mii but something is something, I suppose.

Via: Twitter