Tales of Vesperia Tails of Vesperia Tekken 7 such as Tekken 7 STEAM version is up to 85 off sale

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a campaign that can be purchased at a great deal price for up to 85% offers STeam keys for STEAM keys for Acobista Game .

The period is until October 27 (Wed). The target is Scarlet Nexus (35% off), Code Vein (75% off), Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition (80% off), Tekken 7 (85% off), such as TEKKEN 7 (85% off) It has become.

In addition to Little Nightmares and Little Night Mare 2 , the titles such as Mister Dureler Angkor Mass Soul Angkor are also targeted, so how do you check Aso Vista Game on this opportunity?

Please check here for details such as target titles and discount rates.

Campaign Overview

Campaign period: From October 20 (Wed) to October 27 (Wed)
Campaign site: https://gc.asobistore.jp/product/page/1

※ Please check the following URL for purchasing and activating STEAM keys.

Campaign Target Pickup Title

Scarlet Nexus 35% OFF!

Code Vein 75% OFF!

Little Night Mare 2 33% OFF!

Little Nightmares 80% OFF!

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition 80% OFF!

ACE Combat 7: Skies Unknown 75% OFF!

Tekken 7 85% OFF!

Soulcalibur VI 80% OFF!


Project CARS 3 70% OFF!

All sales items can be checked from the link below.

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