Youtuber tests the world s largest gaming PC

The Tech Channel Gamers Nexus tests different hardware for gamers. This time the Youtuber has tested a huge fan. It was only intended as a joke at the beginning and not everything is done smoothly in the test.

That s why it s about: Most of us probably have a fan installed in your gaming PC. Because these fans ensure that the air is exchanged inside the housing. This is especially important if you want to keep your PC cool for about in the summer. On average, most housing fans are between 120 and 140 mm large and can thus be built in just pretty much every standard housing.

Now the Tech Channel Gamers Nexus has tested a computer fan on YouTube, but it s huge and almost as big as a gaming PC. Officially, it was probably a joke of the manufacturer Corsair, but Gamers Nexus wanted to test the fan.

But at the test with the fan, not everything goes smooth and the channel explained which problems there had been testing.

The world s largest computer fan is 4 times as big as a normal fan

Corsair also supplies the right accessories such as cables and screws next to the fan. The screws to secure the fan are as big as the fingers of the tester and do not really fit into a normal gaming case. Therefore, the tester must eventually mount the fan instead of the side panel of the computer.

But a look at the built-in hardware is also denied. If you are therefore superior to buying such a fan, at least you do not need to build any more RGB lighting in the PC.

These are the problems: In the test, not everything goes smooth. Because the fan made funny noises. Therefore, Corsair had asked if you could run the part for 30 minutes for thermal tests or if there are problems. Corsair had denied the problems and said that the test was okay. After 10 minutes, however, the fan stopped and it smelled of burned electronics.

How to solve the problem? A technician crashed the fan and quickly found the cause: The gears inside do not run perfectly into each other and have a high friction resistance. As a result, the engine has to work more strongly and overheats far too fast. Corsair would have to build a stronger engine overall to avoid these problems in the future.

After disassembling, the technicians rebuilt an identical model back into the fan and the device worked again. Then you again led a test. However, one did not want to do a second test because it was the risk of rehearsing.

In the test, the giant fan shows good temperature values

So you have tested: Gamers Nexus has tested the fan with the MSI Sakira 500X. According to Youtuber, the housing owns one of the worst case designs he has ever seen. For this reason, he wanted to test the new fan.

This is the test result: In the test, the temperatures improve in the housing noticeable.

The closed case has an internal temperature of 67.8 degrees Celsius without fan
With activated fan, the temperatures drop to 48.2 degrees Celsius, which represents a significant improvement to the standard.
The temperatures of the chipset of the motherboard also sink by around 10 degrees Celsius, which also represents a good improvement.

What do you think? Do you keep the giant fan for a successful joke of Corsair or would you build such a fan in your own gaming PC? Tell us in the comments!

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