Blizzard talks about Dreams to extend the world of Overwatch and more

Edge was a magazine published by Globus for the Spanish market since April 2006. The Spanish version was an adaptation of the British publication of the same name, published in Great Britain by Future Publishing since 1992. He stopped publishing when he closed definitively in April 2009 , due to its low acceptance and sales number. EDGE was distributed for Spain with the aim of covering information about the world of videogames, both consoles and PC, trying to focus on a more experienced public in gender. Your publication date was monthly.

Blizzard had a huge success with Overwatch and it is not surprising that they want to expand the universe with a second title. This suite was announced last month during the BlizzCon and it seems that it is only the beginning of the extension of the world of Overwatch. Jeff Kaplan speaks about it and more in a brand new interview with Edge Magazine.

Despite the abundance of Overwatch products and the announcement of a suite, Blizzard seeks to enlarge his universe in something bigger. According to Jeff Kaplan, director of the series, there are the dreams of developing in other forms of media outside the video games. He told Edge Magazine that We always thought about Overwatch as a universe, not like a single game. The original game was Overwatch s first expression, but we dream of what other forms of media could Present Overwatch. Movies? An animated series? What other types of games everyone would like to see in the Overwatch universe? We hope that Overwatch characters exist far in the future and express themselves in a way that we can not even imagine today.

In addition, Blizzard also stated that the hero missions of the game will have a ton of rejuu value. What exactly does this mean for Overwatch 2 s end-of-part content? Well, Kaplan also has some reflections about it. We will definitely explore what the end of the party means for hero missions. We have many experienced developers who have created content for World of Warcraft and Diablo in our team. This is the challenge we are looking forward to start working. »

Overwatch 2 should go out on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, but for the moment, there is no word on an output date. What do you think about the possible expansion of this popular universe? Would you be interested in seeing a movie or an animated Overwatch series? Tell us about your reflections in the comments below and do not forget to lock it for updates!

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