Should you kill McKay at Far Cry 6

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FAR CRY 6 is a very funny title with a lot of exploration and action, but it is clear that the decisions that we make will not affect too much in the rest of the adventure, although there are certain exceptions like the one we are going to deal with in this guide.

However, when we reach the end of the operation called the deported , we will be at a time where we must decide if we want to kill or not to McKay , which can result in very differences in terms of rewards.

So let s tell you what is the right decision about whether to kill or not to McKay at Far Cry 6 , and what happens by choosing one or the other.

Do you have to kill McKay at Far Cry 6?

You let McKay live

If you have caught you with the low guard you are likely to finally let McKay live. And it is that during the conversation between the two, you could say that he bribes you so that he does not kill him and for it he gives you instantly 5000 pesos, something quite attractive because he can help us with the next steps in the game.

In this way if you choose the option and you leave him alive you will receive the relevant 5000 pesos that you can spend on updates and in the store, but unfortunately most people in the region will feel that you have sold them and have betrayed them, something that even It will be seen in lines of dialogue even at the end of the game. We do not recommend that you let you live.

Eliminating McKay

This is the best decision you can take, because it will give you an exclusive wrist element that is the only way to obtain it. Likewise, all the revolutionaries will thank you at successive lines of dialogue and at the end of the game.

If you delete it, you will take the wrist team called Canadian, huh? That the good thing that has is that it gives you pesos for each enemy killed with poison, with which in the end you can get exactly the 5000 pesos although with greater effort . It is an exclusive object that you can not get in any other way, so the money at the end ends up being secondary.

Also if you delete it, you will see some extra dialog lines that we do not want to reveal you.

So as you see, it leaves much more profitable in the long term to eliminate McKay at Far Cry 6, especially because we are going to get a totally exclusive element.

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