Nintendo rejected the first voice for Samus in Prime for being too sexual

For years, Samus Aran was a protagonist without some kind of dialogue. It was not until recent games that this character began to speak. However, before this, the Prime series gave a voice to hunters with the aim of issuing sounds of harm. In this way, Kiwi Talkz, a YouTuber, recently talked with one of the Audio Managers of MoRID Prime 1 and 2 , where it was revealed that Nintendo rejected the first voice choice for this character, because it sounded Too sexual and sensual .

In the most recent podcast of it, Kiwi Talkz had the opportunity to interview Clark Wen, who was audio director at MoREID Prime and MoreID Prime 2: Echoes . Here some pretty interesting issues were discussed, as the source of sound effects for several items , and the way in which the language of spatial pirates was created.

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Within his conversations, he highlights the fact that Nintendo heard the first audio tests for Samus s voice, and The company decided to take the reins in this section, to provide this character the diction that was sought. This was what Wen commented about:

I think the voice was something delicate with Nintendo, because there were originally made some recordings for Samus s voice, more like a type of temporary position marker because we really wanted to make sure that the impacts when Samus suffered damage were recognizable in the game. So we got that one of the designers did some grunts and shouts of position marker. It was never thought of like the final audio, but a few weeks after we put them in the game, we heard comments from [Nintendo] Ead on Samus s voice, and they said that she was too sexual and that sounded too sensual. [laughs] are very, very particular about the vocal sounds in general, so I was happy to let them take the reins and end up recording several actresses for the voices of Samus, and we recovered them a few months later, and we end up picking up the voice that We thought it worked better.

Finally, Wen was questioned whether Jennifer Hale, famous for her work in the mass Effect series, was or not the one in charge of lending her voice for Samus. Although the audio director is not 100% sure, he believes that this is the case . On related issues, a thousand days have passed since MoreID prime 4 restarted its development. In the same way, other m turned trend, and here we tell you why.

Editor s note:

Metroid prime is one of the best games in Nintendo Gamecube, and this is partly due to the great work that was carried out to provide the player a high degree of immersion, something that took place thanks to a great sound work, already Details How to see Samus s face at certain times.

Via: Kiwi Talkz