Metroid Dread can now try a free demo on the switch

An eerie research mission that leads us to the guts of a mysterious planet, fits perfectly with the Halloween season. This has also thought of Nintendo and brought us a free demo for Metroid Dread. So who has not gambled the game, can now make a first trip with Samus Aran. We ll tell you more about it.


That s why it s: Space Hero Samus Aran returned to us on October 8th. With her we can explore the secrets of the planet ZDR in Metroid Dread, the fifth 2D part of the series. We provide extraterrestrial insect and fire-feeding robots, cope with hopaction and collect new gadgets.

Gameplay you see in the lower video:

Free demo: If you have not dared the journey, there is now the opportunity to carefully sniff the space carefully – and the free. The free demo is now available on Nintendo eShop for the switch. Nintendo speaks of a premature Halloween leak.

If you need more information, you will receive them in our test where Samus comeback 85 points cleared.

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Metroid Dread Demo Out NOW!

This offers Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread introduces the 2D saga around Samus Aran to its end. It is the first metroid for the switch and our heroine burners in best serial manner once again through a system of nested gears.

The action adventure focuses on the fun. The relatively simple story is at least short and crisp. Even with international criticism, the puristic formula is well concentrated on the strengths of the series. The title has been able to run proud 88 points so far – after 109 reviews.

Are your fans of the metroid series or newcomers and will you use the chance to snuff in the game?