Top player explains how a player brought him to stop with Overwatch

InoverWatch was the ambitious player once a top professional and had a promising career in front of him. But last year he stopped in September and became farmer. So far, however, it was unclear what was behind. Now Dafran himself has broken the silence: it was probably due to a misrepresentation.

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Who is Dafran? The former E-Sports Professional Daniel Dafran Francesca dates from Denmark and is mainly known from its pro-time in Overwatch. There he played in the Overwatch League (OWL) for the Team Atlanta Reign and was considered one of the best players, which became his mechanical skills.

It was similar to another ex-Oververwatch professional, namely XQC. And like this was known as a wild Hitzkopf and Wüterich, who felt more often by controversy.

His Overwatch career ended DAFRAN in 2019. Instead, he decided to stream and chill on Twitch. So he exchanged life as a professional against that of an entertainer.

However, it was also finished as he dared an attempt to go into Valorant again. There he foked during a tournament such that he collected a lifelong tournament spell. When he knew about twitch later, he was already banned there.

Since then he has retired from streaming and apparently became a farmer and vegetable maker.

However, so far you did not know exactly what he had forced him to finish career in Overwatch. That was revealed now.

Player was guilt – according to DAFRAN Great piece of shit, around the world!

This was an important reason for the career end: An important reason for the career from Dafran was not the controversy new tank meta or the controversial E-sports decisions of Blizzard, but a teammate called Dong -Hyeong Daco SEO.

This Korean players was also in Dafrans Team Atlanta Reign as off-tank at the start.

In a twitch stream, Dafran revealed what had disturbed him to Daco. Now that Daco has not played more competitively since 2020, the time was ripe for this revelation.

Daco, so Dafran, had the reason why he had served:

One of the big reasons why I left the Owl was the shitty Daco. I m so out now, Ey. Daco was a piece of shit! The biggest piece of shit in the world. […] that has never come to work on time. If we have made VOD reviews, he is not appearing. And then he had always made a drama. When Kodak has played, he did not want anymore. And then he has rolled around in Scrims, but on the big stage [So in the tournament] everything was always good again.

Curiously, however, was therefore not a pattern example of reliability, whereupon his spectators in the stream also pointed out. After all, his end was sealed with valorant by the wiring of a tournament appointment.

But he did not want to know about that in the stream, after all, he had always surfaced on time for training.

So it remains the question of whether Dafran possibly play today as a professional, and then 2022 would already experience the new rules in tournaments despite the shift of Overwatch 2.