Cole Cassida with your own challenge and comic Overwatch explains its new name

Once it was McCrae, now it s Cassidy. Blizzard can not forget about changing the name and the name of the hero Overwatch. Contrary to the opposite — the company tries to establish a change, releasing a new challenge and a dedicated comic.


Cassidy s challenge: Fresh blood lasts from 9 to 23 November and works on the same principle as the previous events of this type. Log in to the game and play matches to get unique prizes, including a player portrait, graffiti and a sandstone for Cassidy. In total, you must fight 27 matches to win all the shining — victories are doubly.

On this occasion, a new comic Overwatch also appeared:

In the face of chaos and damage prevailing around the world, Cassia receives a re-call to overwatch, but still persecutes memories about the collapse of the organization. After an unexpected meeting with an old friend and the Accountant Weapons of Cassia, she contemplated whether in Overwatch would not be useful for fresh blood, which would breathe a new life in the match for the team…

The comic was translated to a change from McCrae to Cassia. You will find it here.