Horizon Zero Dawn has no FOV

Guerrilla B.V. (profession name: Guerrilla Games) is a Dutch first-party computer game developer based in Amsterdam and also component of PlayStation Studios. The company was started as Lost Boys Games in January 2000 via the merger of three smaller growth workshops as a subsidiary of multimedia conglomerate firm Lost Young boys. Lost Boys Games came to be independent the list below year and was obtained by Media Republic in 2003, relabeling the studio to Guerrilla Games before being bought by Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2005. Since June 2021, the company uses 360 people under the management of joint workshop heads Angie Sets, Jan-Bart van Been, as well as Michael van der Lee. It is best known for the Kill zone as well as Horizon game collection.

Guerrilla believes that this will affect the experience and visual style of the original game too much.

Games like horizon: Zero Dawn Let people want there are no exclusive consoles — even on a PS4 it looks absolutely beautiful and is probably one of the most technically most impressive games in the recent past. How good would it look like, if it would fully exploit the high-end PC hardware to show its graphical rendering loyalty, especially with all the options that the PC offers at a technical level?

Soon this will not be a hypothetical question, as the open word title will come out later this year for the PC, and Guerrilla has already taken some promising steps after recent confirming the extremely broad support for the game. However, it seems to be twas main features that will be missing.

Anne van der Garden, community manager of Guerrilla Games, has recently confirmed this in the Steam forums horizon: Zero Dawn will not have a slider for the field of view on the PC, which is likely to be a great disappointment for most PC players. According to Guerrilla Games, this is something that could affect the visual style of the original game too much, although it has not explained in detail why this is the case.

Evolution of Horizon Zero Dawn 2011-2021

We will add various ways to customize your Horizon settings: Zero Dawn for PC, she wrote. We believe, however, that a change in the field of view the original experience of Horizon: Zero Dawn and the visual style is too impaired much so that they can not change this.

Horizon: zero dawn is currently available for PS4 and will be available on the PC this summer.

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