Corona at FC Augsburg Stefan Reuter has tested positively

On Sunday after the game in Wolfsburg, the World Champion had complained of 1990 about health complaints. It followed fast and PCR tests, which yesterday brought a final positive result. The Augsburg er Sports chef is now with symptoms in home insulation.

I thank you for the very good care through our team physicians. Now I m already on the way of recovery, but of course I will comply with all quarantine guidelines before I will receive physical contact on site again, Router will be on the website of the association Quoted.

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The fact that Router has stopped in the vicinity of the team since Sunday has obviously prevented worse. All fast and PCR tests, which players who have undergone the coach and supervisor team, fell negative. There are difficult times, and we will not be spared by such things, says coach Markus Easier, who is glad, that players are negative. Now we wish Stefan the best thing that he will quickly get healthy again.

Now I am already on the way of recovery.

Stefan Router

The pound break at the FCA managing director is not the first case with the Augsburg. At the beginning of the season, Mittelfeldmann had caught Daniel Caligari, who was also fully vaccinated and returned to the team after two weeks of isolation. How long Router stays in isolation is currently not clear.