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Gaming furniture brand Bhutto (Bhutto) launched a lifting gaming desk with a powerful long and lowering function in November, the Super Gaming desk BHD-1400FA is released. The reference price is 67,500 yen.

Super Gaming desk

BHUTTO First Electric Lift Gaming desk Super Gaming Desk BHD-1400FA has a maximum desk lift width, which has a large desk, and it moves electricity by pressing the button. But you can easily adjust the height of the top plate.

In addition, General Electric desks are specialized in high desk, but This product is also focused on low. This allows you to place the monitor in front of you while sitting on a Retype chair such as a seat, and you can always achieve a comfortable game attitude that matches the posture.

Furthermore, if the top plate that can be lowered to 50 cm to 50 cm is only 50 cm, it is also ideal for slip game. Games that you want to play focused on the chair, and when you are tired of sitting, it s a standing, and when you want to play quietly, and watch videos and watch videos, such as a wide range of ways to use a wide range of ways to use a wide range of gamers increase.

Main function

Electric long and lowering: You can adjust the desk at a range of 50 to 101 cm (51 cm wide) from the floor. A powerful two-motor expression is adopted, and speedy and stable lifting is possible.

Memory registration: You can register up to 3 patterns of preference height settings. One-touch button operation, automatically moved and lowered at the recorded height.

Alarm setting: Alarms can be set in minutes. Features that are convenient for managing play time and preventing satisfaction.

Size: Width 140 × depth 70 × height 50 to 101 cm

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