Wow makes the sack too Patch 9 2 is the end of Shadowlands

With patch 9.2 ends the story world of Warcraft: Shadow lands appears all appearance. And supposedly that was even planned.

Yesterday Blizzard announced the patch 9.2 by World of Warcraft and presented the new area, the rough story and the RAID in a nearly 10-minute video. While in some fans the anticipation is growing, and you are looking forward to new content, there is also a matter of worry — because Patch 9.2 will be the end of Shadow lands, the final, great content patch of extension.

What was said? In an interview with the magazine Game rant, Blizzard confirmed that the end of eternity is planned as a climax and final of Shadow land s story. In addition, Shadow lands should have only 3 Seasons. Since the second season is currently running and with patch 9.2 the 3rd Season starts, the conclusion is clear: the action of Shadow lands will end with patch 9.2.

If something has been reduced? According to the statement that Patch 9.2 will probably be the last major content drop for Shadow lands, is a question again: was there, similar to Warlords of Drano, Content deleted? Did you discard the plans to come to an end quickly and then fresh to continue with the 9th extension?

No, at least says Blizzard. According to Steve Dan user, the story boss of Wow, Shadow lands should be planned before the pandemic as a story in 3 files. That would be quasi the campaign of Patch 9.0, Patch 9.1 and Patch 9.2.

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Whether this corresponds to the truth can hardly be checked, but once again seems unusual. Most of the extensions have more than 2 content updates. Only Warlords of Drano also had so little — and the extension was terminated prematurely.

If nothing comes to patch 9.2? This is not completely clear. Although it seems to be excluded that a patch 9.3 is still pending, it could at least give a smaller patch, about 9.2.5. He could bring an epilogue and at the same time slowly lead to the next extension before it goes with patch 10.0 then into the next adventure.

But this is still distant future music.

What do you think that Patch 9.2 will be the end of Shadow lands? Pity and overlay? Or the right step to start something new quickly?