Griger leads Slovakia to the rope victory against Switzerland

Daniel Healy Sol wold, Jr., much better called Austin Aries, is a wrestler (expert wrestler) born upon April 15, 1978, in Milwaukee. Aries has made a lot of his profession at the Ring of Honor, where he was the first to have won the ROW World Champion twice. There was likewise won the Row group championship. At TNA, he won as soon as the TNA Heavyweight Globe Champion, 4 times the TNA Department Championship — holding the lengthiest power of this title — and also when the TNA group championship with Bobby Rood ode, becoming the 5th triple Crown Champion of the business.

On Thursday, the ex-world champion declassified Switzerland with 7: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 5: 0). The Eidgenzen conceded too many penalties and went under the final third.

At first, Switzerland was able to equalize the early 1: 0 of Grader, marriage, before half an hour greater the Slovak in leadership. The 5: 1 just before the end was the striker of Slovakia, which was the match winner for his team in Krefeld.

Switzerland is second German opponent on Saturday. Against Slovakia, the team of national coach Toni Soderholm at the end of Sunday.

In the Slovaks, two positive corona tests had become known before the game, although all players are vaccinated. Both professionals were isolated.


Slovakia — Switzerland 7: 1 (1: 1, 1: 0, 5: 0)

Goals: 1: 0 Geiger (03:00), 1: 1 Corgi (12:31), 2: 1 Geiger (29:32), 3: 1 Bristol (46:11), 4: 1 Lewinsky (57:49), 5: 1 Greater (58:15), 6: 1 Take (58:42), 7: 1 Hrehorcak (59:57) Acquisition minutes: Slovakia 4 — Switzerland 10 plus matches (Thoreau)