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Never, Cacao expanded the chapters of competition with the Methods that came to the next generation representative industries beyond financial, commerce, and content. If Never is leading the domestic metabus in Into, Aka is a strategy to prepare for the met averse era of the meta bus to collect a subsidiary.

According to the industry on the 13th, Never and Cacao joined the Civil District Metropolitan Office of the Metropolitan Office of the Metropolitan Office of the Metropolitan Government (K-META), which was launched on the 9th, but it was somewhat different. Unlike Never, Cacao has named the Association of the affiliate Cacao Games, rather than participating in the executive company directly.

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Dagoba: Good From the Source
Cacao recently started to give the meta bus to the metabus. Last month, Aka Entertainment participates as a strategic investor in Net marble Metabus subsidiaries. Based on Net marble s character intellectual property rights (IP) development level, it will first attend the cornerstone to take advantage of an avatar of another ego, a met averse world.

Cacao Entered holds a variety of IPs in webtoons, web novels, along with music platform melon. The company s popular webtoon is to expand the metabus competitiveness, as it is avatars for the hero. Lee Windsor Cacao entered said, The character production capacity of net marble and the global value chain of Caca will be able to meet another chorus in the meta bus.

Here is the game. The meta bus and the game have a common denominator in terms of utilizing virtual, augmented reality (VR · AR) technology. The viscosity of Cacao Games in the met averse association of this year, is a viscosity, a game, implementing the Aka Panel meta bus business and will be pooled to secure competitiveness. As such, Cacao is a policy that increases the force for each business by individual business.

CAC) said, Cacao focuses on capabilities in the community and prepared to celebrate the metabus era, said a 3Q earnings conference call. Cacao officials said, (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Methods business) is preparing directly, but the Cacao community will try to maximize the synergy.

Never, Kept

Never is the direction of putting weight to raise Puppet. As Refer s influence on 2018, Never is a national metabus core company. Puppet is a met averse world that Avatar is active. It is divided into Photo World Left Studio. It is used as a game, meeting and profitable space in order.

Currently, the cumulative subscription embroidery has increased by 40% YoY to about 200 million. Especially, China, Japan, and Japan, and Japan is 90%. Never is expected to draw blueprints to raise met abuses in Puppet. I would like to transplants to Puppet, who has secured 200 million employees of Never s internal capabilities.

Park Angevin Never Top Financial Officer said, We will cooperate with the webtoon IP, and will be expanded to the metabus, he said, I will showcase a regular subscription product revenue model in Puppet. Line and Nave rare expected to make Puppet to make Puppet in co-development.

The voice conversation feature, which leads the user and character of Hyperbola, is the analysis of the progress system, as well as Puppet Avatar, as well as Virtual Human (Virtual Human). We have to continue to collaborate with multiple brands, while strengthening existing service competitiveness.

Professor Kim Sang-gyun, Rangoon National University, said, It is a positive signal that is active in strengthening the metabus business such as Never and Aka joining the association, said, If you have a movement to enhance, the Domestic Metabus industry has also evaluated achievements in the global market.