Xbox Boss gives an important track for the next acquisition

Xbox Game Studios is a Division of American Software Application Worrying Microsoft, which is accountable for the advancement and also magazine of video game for the Windows operating system as well as the internal video game gaming consoles of the Xbox brand. The area serves as a video game author. Previous names of the department were Microsoft Games (2000-2001), Microsoft Game Studios (2001-2011) and Microsoft Studios (2011-2019). The Xbox Game Studios release video clip games of different programmer studios belonging to Microsoft, such as Moving Studios, Rare, Ninja Theory, Inside Enjoyment, Bethesda Video Game Studios or Obsidian Enjoyment, but also publish computer game from independent designer workshops.

Xbox's Next BIG Acquisition...

Xbox has not finished buying developers and editors. During the last years, between acquisitions such as Bethesda, Playground Games, Ninja Theory and Double Fine, the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, and his team have recruited the creators of games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Hell blade, Fora Horizon, Wallenstein, DOOM, and SOUTH PARK: The rod of truth to the Xbox family. Now, Xbox not only has more studies than PlayStation and Nintendo, but has enough studies more than their two rivals. And again, it seems that Xbox has not finished growing.

Speaking of acquisitions, Spencer recently launched a rather important track on a future acquisition. While Spencer does not mention any name, he does say what he and his team want more, and they are casual games.

When I think about the types of genres that are usually associated with Xbox, yes, we have Roblox, we have Minecraft, we have FIFA and Fortnite, but we want to continue investing in more social and informal content, Spencer said as he spoke with Bloomberg. We have a lot of ambition.

Spencer does not say that this ambition will come true with acquisitions, but it is what is implicit. That said, Spencer recognizes that there are risks for acquisitions, but they are very calculated risks.

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Part of the creation of a study is the idea that at some point I can leave financially and realize the risks I took and see the benefit of that, Spencer said. It is a two-sided economy in which the creators initiate new teams, risks when doing new things, they see it until its end and then those studies become part of something bigger.

Unfortunately for Spencer, there are not many great casual playing creators, and those who are excellent will cost a fortune similar to what he and Microsoft paid for Moving.

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