Seoul Mountain Promotion Agency game business consultation in December

The Seoul Metropolitan Business Agency shall conduct the game online business consultation meeting 2021 SPP: Game from December 13 to 15th.

The consultation meeting is held to support game startup and indie developers, domestic and international publishers, investors, and IP enterprise beads matching. Last year, 128 countries participated in 21 countries, and this year, 25 countries aimed at 200 to attract 200 countries. Currently, the Middle East and European Publishers, such as Thee Iran, China, Southeast Asia were investigated, and Southeast Asia.

The counseling will take advantage of the SPP platform to proceed to online. The SPP platform has a customized proposal feature based on information such as regional and country, participation purpose, as an industry-to-business promotional content industry beads matching platform. If you wish to participate, you can apply for free on the SPP official website by December 10.

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Park Byeong-kyung Seoul Metropolitan Business Promotion Agency Strategy Industry The head of the industry is a sorry situation that many Indie games have excellent games, Is not a good time for Corona 19, said SPP: GAME, Holding, I will create an environment that a variety of achievements continue to appear in it.