SV Meppen in altitude flight The success is only rented

The plans were already geared to the regional league, but the licensing of KFC Herding rescued the SV Happen last summer. The unexpected opportunity is currently packing the SLANDER at Scope: Table place 3 — The best placement since the rise in 2017 is after 15 games to be booked.

Margins of Safety: Low Altitude Maneuvering
There are many things together, also has a defensive chief Steffen Putter no simple explanation for the upswing. The rescue after the end of the season offers an approach. Players, trainers and board want to prove that they can do better. That makes a few percent more, says the 33-year-old. Nobody wants to do this negation procedure anymore.

Clear improvements in all areas

Except the start of the season in Halle (1: 3) and at the 0: 5 defeat in Mannheim, the SLANDER brought the basics in the place. The use fits, the switching game is lignin and recognized. Everyone bangs for everyone, says Puttkammer. Important in his opinion balanced league, in the small things decide.

The SV Happen was susceptible to standards, has readjusted, now conceded fewer goals after resting balls. From the game, we leave little too, says Puttkammer. For the front, the team develops many chances, but has still air in recovery.

The team won quality, which also improves the single players. Example: Captain Luka Talmudic is in top form. He can rely on the teammates, can go very different in the situations, White Part Chamber. The double sectors with the summer-made David Black and Ole Daughter gives stability to the SVM structure. But even when both were missing in Wiesbaden, it was enough for victory.

If one makes only a step less, you lose

Trainer Rico Schmitt has a large squad with enormous depth. Everyone has claims, gives gas and is there when it is needed, explains Puttkammer. I feel that we treat it to each other. This shows the joint joy dart of the attacker Richard Sukuta-Pasu and Seat Work after the victory goal against Turkish cu.

The Happen remain humble even after three wins in series. Success is only rented, quotes a satisfied Cattail the German national coach Hans Flick. The players know what they need to invest. If you make only a step less, you lose.