Unvelt So coach Hansi Flick the FC Bayern to the CL

As a successor to the dismissed Nike Kovacs, Hans Flick in the season 2019/2020 became the second Triple coach in the glorious club history of Bayern. On the way to the Champions League Triumph in the final tournament of Lisbon, today s national coach apparently reached a deep into the psychological trick box.

With the double championship and cup in the luggage, FC Bayern set out in August 2020 on the way to Lisbon in order to grab the Champions League for the Henkelpott in the same as the Corona Pandemic.

Just the first game in Portugal s capital, the legendary 8: 2 shooting festival in the quarterfinals against FC Barcelona, ​​became the initial ignition and gave the German record champion the tailwind he needed to achieve the great goal.

On the duel with the Catalans coach Hans Flick voted his protégés with a very special measure in training, such as picture football chef Christian Fall in his book Bayern Insider reveals. According to this, the then Munich Chef coach had to operate Barça loan Philippe Mourinho in the training game as Double of his ex-colleague Lionel Messi.

Barça duel a key game for Bayern FC

Shortly before departure to the stadium, Flick gathered his team then in the meeting room of the team hotel to an emotional speech. The tenor: The duel against Barça is a key game for the further tournament course. We have the keys in your hand, with which we will open the door!, Flick is quoted in Falls s book.

Even before the semi-final duel against Olympic Lyon, the chef coach found the right words, spoke of the Mission Final. The Bavaria stars against themselves no floors and made the French outsider 3-0.

For the attunement to the final against Paris Saint-Germain, Flick, according to the book, first showed acknowledgments in the team meeting, including in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Croatian, Dutch and Polish to achieve all players. Then follows a composite of video clips of wives, girlfriends, mothers, fathers and also children of Bavaria Stars. The embassy: We are proud of you! Some professionals, including Jérôme Boating and the later final scorer Kingsley Coman, are close to tears before touching.

How Hansi Flick Turned Bayern München Into The Best Team in Europe

FC Bayern: Champions go their way to the end!

Even tactically, Flick his team gave the right march route on the way. He warned of the fast PSG offensive counter.

Joshua Gimmick, who ran as a right-back in the final, put Flick on Dylan Mbappé and gave him decided tips on how he can stop the French world champion.

Champions go their way to the end! Flicks was final embassy to his players with whom he celebrated the triumph in the royal class a few hours later.