PS5 crisis Ad Sony wants to provide more consoles by hand

The PlayStation 5 is for a year on the market and still it is on the wish list of many fans. Now Sony wants the thing itself take in hand and builds together with TSMC own factory.

PS 5: Sony wants to produce missing parts themselves

One year after the release of the PlayStation 5, it is almost impossible to come to a console. To counter the shortage, companies TSMC and Sony do together. In order founded by the two subsidiary Japan Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing, Inc. (JAM) a chip factory now arises. Construction will begin in early 2022 and should be completed by the year 2024th

The factory will be designed for the production of small chips, microcontrollers and sensors that are designed for many applications — including for the PlayStation 5.

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Original post October 13, 2021:

Many PlayStation fans are still waiting for the PS5. The current hardware crisis ensures that important components are currently in short supply. Sony now wants to do something about it and plans seem to pull up its own factory.

Sony plans probably own factory

For the production of the latest Sony console, the Group needs certain microprocessor chips. Because of trade restrictions between the US and China and the corona pandemic a shortage of supply in the gaming consoles that could drag on for a while still developed. To act against it, Sony plans probably producing its own chips.

According to the news agency Reuters Sony and TSMC are considering the construction of a plant in Yamamoto, Japan. There the products are to be manufactured in which a catching up prevails. An official statement of both parties still missing, but reportedly, the Japanese government should take over part of the investment in the amount of 7 billion euros.

To stomp a factory from the ground, but it can take a while, even in Japan. A Completion is planned well in 2024, that is, as soon is Sony can not counteract the shortage of supply. Nevertheless, the production of other products could go easier and faster so in the future.

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Toshiba warns of persistent shortages

The Japanese company Toshiba is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic equipment. Among other things, produces Toshiba high-performance chips that are built into consoles.

Compared with Bloomberg said a staff recently that will remain the supply of chips until at least September next year very close and that some customers to 2023 can not be fully supplied.

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