ELEX 2 New trailer introduces fractions

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Elex 2 - Official Factions Trailer
In a new trailer to the Open World Role Match Alex 2, the different factions of the game are presented to you, which you should convince you in the course of the story of fighting to your side against the stands.

Five fractions share power in Catalan. The Berserkers are capable magicians using ALEX to act all sorts of sayings. They have succeeded in transforming the desert of Tatar into a green and lively forest landscape, and they built an outpost in the old Fort of Outlaws.

The Outlaws in turn are splintered into different groups: Some have joined the berserker in TATAR, others are pulled into the crater landscape of Azeris to continue to live as a lawless without rules.

The albs have learned from their defeat in Alex and now return as a playable group. So TAX can connect them again.

The Albs drastically restricted the consumption of ALEX after having seen how effective an Alb with emotions can be as Tax defeated the hybrids. They are still no happy journeymen, but their fighting power makes them an interesting choice.

Faction number 4 are the clerics, famous for their love of technology and machinery. With the power of Alex you operate your mighty combat robots. But the clerics have paid a high price in the war against the Albs, they have not only lost their homeland in London, but also many of their brothers and sisters on the battlefield.

The brand-new faction in Alex 2 are the Mormon s. When the Meteor Catalan met, some survivors flee into an underground tunnel system, where they led a life of darkness and undressing. But now the time has come to give up their isolation. Lifelessly, you want to spread your faith throughout Catalan and sweep everyone who puts themselves in the way.

The playable fractions in Alex 2 each offer their own weapons and armor and access to special skills.

ALEX 2 is to appear on 01. March 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.