Valorant The story of CONEIR the player who won VCT listening to them

Let s go back to the qualifier of the Valorant Champions Tour in Latin America SUR, which was played last July to give access to the Masters stop in Berlin. In Plenary Haven, Laos Latin Gamers and Meta Gaming access is played to the semifinals of the Upper Bracket. The marker does not stop equalizing digits, and we arrived at the Overtime, 13-12 in favor of KG.

In full round 26, KG stays with a player who has to play the retake at the point of A. She knows that her two adversaries of her are waiting for her with a bomb planted, ready to receive her with a jet of bullets. But in less than four seconds, four things happen: she kills the first, kills the second, starts off spike and the commentators come out of the heart of the chest. What they do not know is that Constance Conic Reyes, this Chilean player, is marking the play while she listens to reggaeton, because she encourages her, and she is not even playing with her main agent.

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It is not the first time we see a player compete in a mixed team of Valorant, but there are not many cases either beyond the Evil Geniuses of Potter. To a large extent, for that, it is difficult not to pay attention, but the value of COHEIR goes further. It is because of it from version 1.5 of Counter-Strike that we can now see it with enviable positioning and aiming. Maybe too, as she said she in an interview with Kam1kaze, because she until 2020 she had to play at 60 Hz, thus assuming an extra effort that is now a rain of results and talent.

Conic started at Valorant, pulling onto the head pool. First from the female circuit, with Austral s Female, but she went by playing for KG as a substitute to the one who came the opportunity. With them, she managed to win the final of the VCT qualifier for South Latin America, finally, although later the quintet would lose the playoffs of all LATAM against Austral s and 9Z Team.

Riot Games already add multiple bets for the female Valorant

The controller is an example of what can happen with so many other women who have been thrown into the competition. The three tournaments of the Game Changers in NA, which have offered $50,000 in prizes each, have seen more than 30 teams compete in each edition. And they have still been more in EMEA, which has not had 50,000 euros of reward until the third meeting and that, even so, presented around 50 teams in each qualifying. The female team of cloud9 white, which has managed to overshadow like no other, has been cast even on the top 100 of better paid players according to ESPORTS EARNINGS. All a deployment of resources and interest that, without a doubt, is born from the great bet that Riot Games has made for the female scene of the Shooter.

The players are throwing themselves to the adventure and, look where you look, everyone usually has the same impression: the female scene of Valorant still has a lot of way to go, but even so it is of the most promising we could see in esports.

Conic, meanwhile, has already fulfilled one of her dreams, becoming a professional player in a mixed team. But there is still another, which is to come to play for a known team. She at the moment she has offers on the female stage of Brazil, but she is clear that if she leaves the region of her she will be to embark on a mixed team. And she does not miss, but she hungers either.