Hildmann Uerdingen has nothing to lose

The Schauinsland Travel Arena, previously and also in the linger also Wedaustadion and also MSV-Arena, is a football stadium in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Duisburg. It was integrated in 1921 and also was with a capability of 40,000 viewers after the Berlin Grunewaldstadion, the second large sports area in Germany. Between 2003 as well as 2004, the stadium was reconstructed throughout the continuous video game operation to a pure football stadium. It is the residence of MTV Duisburg.

The favorite role of his team in front of the duel against Herding was aware of Münster-Coach Hillman at the press conference before the game: The KFC is the clear outsider tomorrow, the 49-year-old. But that could help him: Herding has nothing to lose anything. So they will probably play.

Сенатор Кеннеди устроил допрос Сауле Омаровой

They are no longer comparable to the team of the first games.

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Sasha Hillman over the KFC Herding

Although the KFC with just eight points in the last place in the table of Regionally West, Hillman was still warning to underestimate the team: Herding has captured and stabilized so slowly. They are no longer possible with the team of the first games Compare. You already see a handwriting under your new coach at the KFC.

Herding is in the way

So the duel on Saturday will not be a self-runner: We have a goal in front of us — there is Herding tomorrow in the way, says Hillman. But that will be a difficult task, anyone who has played football himself knows that this is difficult. All others said: It must first be played.

Despite all this: everything but three points for Münster seem unlikely. Only a win of the season was able to retract the KFC in the first 16 games, which there was in the beginning of October against the self-relegated sports fans Lott.