Far Cry 6 Trailer for DLC Vaas Madness shows a sick fever dream

Wonder! This meets the nail and the trailer of the new DLC of Far Cry 6 on the head. Although the new game of the series Ubisoft does not revolutionize the gameplay, it triggers with us quite a revolutionary sentence. Because in our test Far Cry 6 was convincing. Since 16 November, the first DLC extension Veins: madness is now available.

What are the DLC from Far Cry 6?

For the first time in the history of Far Cry, we hatch in the role of Veins Montenegro, the antagonist from Far Cry 3. Alone or for two we can dive into the psyche of Veins and learn more about his personal motivations and demons.

It is enough if one of you has the DLC. Because every buyer of the extension can invite another person who has already owned the game to explore expansion for free. Unfortunately, the game has to own the game on the same device family, so PC, PlayStation or Xbox.

This time Ubisoft chooses an interesting approach to expanding, because the gameplay is inspired by the Rogue-Lite -genre á la return. So you start when you die, always from the beginning. The English trailer with German subtitles has reminded us of a fever dream.

In surreal pictures, coupled with action-loaded gameplay, the short clip suggests us that we can set ourselves on a disturbing experience in the head of a crazy murderer. But whose hell is the guy?

Who is Veins Montenegro?

Veins Montenegro is the older brother of Ciara Alumni and was born in 1985 on Rook Island.
Just this Ciara will play an important role according to the trailer. Vias had a very narrow relationship with his sister until his behavior a wedge between the two drift.
Veins got into the catches of the organized crime and joined the pirates on Rook Island. For this he took tourists as a hostage and demanded ransom.
It finally got up to the commander of the pirates and now prevails on the island like a dictator.
His sister is now trying to make a counterpoint to her brother in vain with the so-called Rabat.
Veins Montenegro is completely insane, his mood swings make it difficult to recognize his true state of mind.
He is also known for his iconic madness monologue. You can read this monologue and more information about Montenegro in the Far-Cry-Wiki.

The extension Veins: Madness is available separately, as well as in the Season Pass. Later, further DLC episodes should appear. These deal with Pagan Min, the authoritarian ruler Far Cry 4, as well as Joseph Seed, the antagonistic sectors from Far Cry 5.

From Marc Schmidt

Vaas: Insanity DLC #1 Launch Trailer | Far Cry 6
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