Super League Perez will not yield

She is further a topic in European football: the planned Super League. For the time being she has been rejected and dissolved. But the pioneers, such as Juventus President Andrea Agnelo, continue to stick to their plans.

On Saturday, this also did real-boss Perez. The 74-year-old reaffirmed his plans on the superior on the annual meeting of the voting members of the Madrilène. But not only that. Perez criticized the UEFA sharp: that the monopoly of UEFA is incompatible with the law of the European Union was only the beginning.

We will not be intimidated by illegal threats.

Florentino Perez over the UEFA

The association has rejected every dialogue, Perez added. He and the bosses of the other big clubs were insulted unacceptably insulted, UEFA told a wrong story. Perez but warns: We will not be intimidated from illegal threats. We have full confidence in the European Justice. We will not give up.

2UP - Man Down
The FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin, said other remaining clubs (from the beginning twelve), as well as Real Madrid are completely unimpressed of the supposed threats. Perez and Co. would rather worry that football remains interesting in the younger generations. Only in this way can the sport be saved.

UEFA according to Perez only interested in own finances

The UEFA for President Aleksander Refer is not interested in it according to the Real Boss. An easing of the financial airplay and Financial spraying of states or actors outside the EU should be admitted, knowing the rescue of football meanwhile in the background. It is important that external actors do not use football for their own interests that have nothing to do with football, Perez said. A very hard attack, as well as the renowned Spanish newspaper March meant.