FIFA 22 BVB Jewel Moukoko already with FUT

On the square, the storm talent was not on Saturday in the home game against VfB Stuttgart (2: 1) to celebrate a reason Mouton never och: the offensive man was 17 years old and thus achieved the receptive age for FIFA 22 integration. EA SPORTS had already prepared the recording in advance, shortly after the third title update, a face scan of the attacker had been discovered in the data.

And the developer did not let time pass, Mouton is already included in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team (FUT). He has received a silver card with an overall rating of 69 to the debut, on the virtual lawn he is already very original. The highlight is the tempo (84) also the dribbling (76) can be seen. Among the subordinate attributes are the sprint speed (86) and the balance (85) at the top.

Career and impetus mode are still missing

Upgradeable is the shot (68), even the conclusion could still grow with 75 meters. Surprisingly, the earliest possible integration of Mykonos is against the background that EA SPORTS will make changes in an ongoing FUT season very irregular changes and recall new cards outside of Promos.

In contrast to FUT Mouton is missing in the career and in the impetus mode not yet playable, there would have been more likely to expect rapid recording. The criticism of this procedure is currently in the social networks already loud, the developer is once again accused of focusing on the focus.

Borussia Dortmund - VfB Stuttgart 2-1 | Highlights | Matchday 12 – Bundesliga 2021/22

Accordingly, it is currently not fixed which potential of the BVB diamond receives in the career mode. It can be assumed that Mouton can initially not be increased in the 90s area. Gave from FC Barcelona, ​​who has become 17 years old in August and can be classified as a similar talented, has an 85 potential — by the way, it also starts at 69 points.

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