Wildstar reactivation A big step towards returning games

We will not be water. Just read what a member of Nexus Forever has a group that has long been dealing with Wildcard to the world of vivid.

I plan to update the test server to my latest version.

This update will contain a huge majority of work that has been made in the last 2 years, including the first Combat Pass, booties from mission, social elements, further support for tasks, improved support for spells and a lot of things which I probably forgot.

How NCSoft Singlehandedly Killed One of the Best MMORPGs: WildStar

Do not expect a fully functional experience!

This is not a steppe. This is a huge step that brings us closer to return Wild star to the market. It is true that in the form of a private server, but better than watching gameplay on YouTube (and the example of Return of Reckoning shows that pirates can sometimes be better than originals).

We also have a new video from the reactivated version of Wild star, which presents acting (!!!). Fighting system.

Wild star took off on June 3, 2014, and was closed four years later (November 28, 2018). After a series of fatal decisions, which concerned the business model, marketing and idea for the development of the game.

Until now, people can not forgive NCS oft to get rid of playing with one of the best fighting systems and rallies in the entire Forever genre.