Power Poke R War in the first play of miracles CERO B background or Tonkatsu Operation

Speaking of baseball games that can develop players, many game fans will remember the play-by-play Powerful Pro Baseball series.

Full-fledged baseball to enjoy, of course, but it is known also that spur the excitement is immersive live, introduced a success mode to develop the player series early in the, on now to talk about the work It has grown into an indispensable element.

And this success mode inherited, there is not baseball game a sister operation of has undergone its own evolution as a baseball Variety. It is the Power Pro Run Pocket series.

As can be seen from the name attached to the pocket, this series, which revolves around a portable game machine, taking advantage of the anytime, anywhere play characteristics, enhance the success mode. Its development is not stay even in baseball frame, was popular in the appropriate breakthrough in just referred to as a baseball Variety.

Pop out many titles from the Awake series, counting from the 1999 first work appeared years, Te, but we have also continued working for more than 10 years, will celebrate the once separated by a Power Pro Run Pocket 14 of 2011.

But, the latest work of unparalleled unique Awake series, revival broke a silence of about 10 years. Nintendo Switch software Power Pro Run Pocket R (hereinafter, Awake R) is, will celebrate the release in 2021 November 25.

And a remake of success scenario, Awake series in addition to record a mini-game of the inherent, prepared a new training mode cyber Bad also. Of course, you can enjoy up to four people play and cooperation play baseball.

Mitsuki is Awake R to be resurrected in equity. However, since the 10 New Year’s Eve of the Resurrection, would not a few people that the series not yet experience. Your shame, the author is also so far not play. Even such a player, or the Awake R to enjoy. Through trial play experienced at the Tokyo Game Show this year, we would like approaching the end of its charm.

■ baseball of momentum and also pleasant development that exceeded frame Awake R, this is the ability of baseball Variety !

The success of this Awake R, the scenario has been ready for very Alisa High School Edition drill Dog Lars Edition war Guide. Very Alisa High School Hen, rebuilding a baseball team that failure gather, those that aim to Kosher. Is likely to breast becomes hot to the royal road deployment.

Drill Dog Lars Hen, a story that aims to rebuild the team, which has fallen into crisis in dissolution. Hero of just joined is, you struggle to save the weak team drill Dog Lars. While cut different from the very Alisa high school, ed., Here also will be the deployment of the team unique is listening.

And finally, war Edition. This is First, the hero was a time slip in an era that is the war, belongs to its supply unit, it falls into a situation over and place to place each of the battlefield.

If you do not know much Awake series, you’ll be floating in doubt as…… time slip? War?. Although I had heard what the rumor, Korea true value of baseball Variety. What kind of material is also a strength of flexibility and creativity to tie the baseball Awake, is also a contributing its boldness is loved.

Therefore, in this time of trial play, chose this war, eds. When the scenario is started, already back in time to the era war, it will be immediately sent to the front line. Front has a northern front, Western Front, southern front, it can be selected in any.

What features and whether the difference is of each, was asked to experience who are to accompany the trial play, southern front was especially received a comment that dangerous.

── If, Mai there is only the southern front! We decided to travel to the south in the daring attitude.

By the way, from the local sergeant, weapons bullet also ripped off is also not enough at all even reinforcements. Instead, there are a lot of only disease and was immediately received a quite severe your words. Malaria to dysentery, just what you want to refrain from any yellow fever…. Already at this point, I feel the signs that differ greatly from the development of a typical baseball game.

Mission to choose in the battlefield, from the relatively safe thing to having a high degree of risk, here also you can choose at any. Since it with even higher training effect is greater risk, select the dangerous mission here. Without the attitude of the offensive, you can not make a strong player ── it, should have the road leading to any training game.

So, emergency enemy breakthrough over! Not reckoned a place that actually challenge the kind of mission. This is also the leads to the development of baseball players, is a place to be reckoned with in the Awake.

The first training memorable, there…… the results of the initial action, but it is said, or ! To An in was done……?

Immediately after, reports of Survivor Says were received, sadly game over. Of course, training is to is a failure, I have to record the rainy day first round game over the bar in the first challenge. ……eh!?

When asked to experience just in case, the war ed in success mode with the risk to be done (as in this example) easily, parameters are also strongly element of luck made to measure of the strength, month, especially Southern Front is like to die easy.

But it means that saw the first time suddenly is done in Shot, but this time was quite unusual happenings pattern. Lack of my luck anyway, became a form of taste immediately the fear of success in the Power Pro.

It said that the time of the trial play is limited, because indeed still time is left, re-start of play. This time I tried to start from the northern front.

And do a dangerous mission that bullets flying, physical strength is lowered, and breaking ball point went up 10. Yes, this is mode only, that is to foster the players. Although I have been deprived of consciousness in the early stages of shock deployment, is the right course is to promote the development by repeating the mission.

In this war, ed., Or Kikuyu’ the war, that the encounter with a variety of events, will advance training is. Meanwhile, baseball elements are almost zero. Hand holding the bat and ball grip the gun, tough legs is intended to run through the battlefield. It is truly baseball Variety.

By the way, sometimes it is not necessary to find the enemy if you are lucky. But, the case is also status to change, it will affect the future of the policy (such as the risk of the mission) and training result. It should be noted that, when the physical strength is lowered, because the disease described above is likely to occur, the gas does not come out.

Mission is carried out on a weekly basis, after a lapse of four times repeat = 4 weeks this, it returned to the once headquarters. Since coming and physical strength is restored back, we put literally breath here. Compared with the initial play a fallen suddenly, this play is smooth false starts.

Then, to again a new duty station. This time, I tried to towards the west front never been yet. Here, it appeared Mitsuki Takashi chief of staff that have been entrusted with the west. By the way, this war hen, are often the motif of the historical facts of the war and the situation at that time, Kenya Yamaguchi of this Mitsuki chief of staff also Japanese Army has been whispered between the model and the fan.

Mitsuki chief of staff as well, because the events that occur in the Such also there are many things reminiscent of historical fact, might be fun also to play while looking for the motif.

Visual and production has been dropped into the casual, but the harsh war situation does not allow an aside, groping feeling that can not be seen even an inch ahead will produce the exquisite tension.

If there is also possible to embark on destruction of pillboxes, such as Akekureru to pilot search, war ed that every day that are exposed to the risk of life continues. Also tank corps of the allies is coming, also be in the eye of the…… like a deployment or fled as soon as knowing that there are thanks to the enemy.

On the other hand, the game play itself is quite simple, but choose the duty station or risk to the reference to the luck and physical strength, only going to identify intently it up to a certain week. Since the luck of the elements also come in quite involved, rather than spoken to challenge put the fighting spirit, to play in Yo in tolerance to receive the events and accidental deployment to occur might be correct.

In particular, the luck element is also in the success mode but is a big war, ed., Meaning convincing subject only to the subject, there is also a being dependent on luck. Ridiculous and so on This player can develop also, probably the feature seems Awake. This shocking success, to the magnanimity of was raised in the era of Row Awake R, has been to impress again.

Since indeed to terminate the time only in the development of the trial play was difficult, followed by tried to touch the new elements of this work cyber Bad.

Is one of the cyber Bad is also training mode, but here also the bat and the ball does not use. Defeat the enemy riding a chariot, that make the players collect parts required for the development, which is also ridiculous deployment. But now that has received the baptism of war, ed., You can convince a word of I see.

By the way, Cyber ​​Bad, the action game to move the tank from the top-down perspective. So SLG of ADV format war knitting is going stacked selected (… whether something good to say), very different genre itself.

Changes in basic training to ascertain the situation and status that also has rewarding, but also OSU thing to cultivate while enjoying the action. Depending on the taste, there is no strange also came out some people hooked on this cyber Bad.

Operation feeling of tanks is also good, the enemy also has a moderately crunchy. In the range that you play at least this time, does not see any such unreasonable point, I felt like a balance that are both moderately the response and exhilaration.

The number of enemies is generous, but that’s why if we steadily down, you realize the situation is going to turn around little by little can be obtained. Moreover, this cyber Bad also possible cooperative play via online. It is possible to play with up to four people, would be Ali also to promote the development together with my friends.

Even though baseball game, this time of trial play that did not throw even ball without shaking even bat. But, also lead to the development of players in the final either mode, it will affect the success of the baseball game. Bosom this too wide is what, none other major feature of Awake R.

This time of trial play experience will be more, but the point to be worried about in the Awake R There are still more. So in the end, will get time to Take Yamamoto producer who worked on Awake R, it gave a Q & A in accordance with the present work experience. The pattern, will deliver together.

─ ─ Power Broken Pocket R Success Mode, Valley High School Hen Drill Motleys Hen War Hen War Hen, but the part that became hurdle and compliance in this time Is there a point that has been changed?

Mr. Yamamoto: (original version came out) and now, there are parts where the directionally and values ​​of expression are different from the time and present, so I decided to discuss that point considerably.

Are you sure you want to see the examples that you adjusted specifically?

Mr. Yamamoto: The original version is a mini-game named murderer stag, is he’ll stag in this work. It became a little mild (laughs).

However, since it is a major premise to maintain the original taste of Power Pro, it is also always in mind while leaving a series of a little dark part.

The original version of the original version of the War has had a Conceits Opera that seems to have a genuine operation of the Genghis Khan, but is it kicked by Power Poke R ?

Mr. Yamamoto: Conceits strategy is alive.

─ お Oh, is that!

Mr. Yamamoto: It is important that there are people who don’t like people who don’t like it by a representation that hurts people. As a result, it is better to leave as one of the War taste in Power Poke, and adopted it.

—The work has become a form of the same hard as live powerful professional baseball with the Nintendo switch. At that time, the series development was divided by a stationary machine and a portable machine, but this time is the same hard.

Mr. Yamamoto: Live Powerful Professional Baseball is a full-fledged baseball game, for example, if there is a slightly painful face if you do not know baseball. On the other hand, Power Poke is also a baseball variety as a genre, so it is easy to enter if you do not know baseball.

And I would like to get familiar with baseball in this work, and I think that I would like to play the home live powerful professional baseball when I thought I want to do more deep baseball.

── What kind of differentiation and differences are live powerful professional baseball in terms of matches?

Mr. Yamamoto: For the game, we use the same engine as full-scale live powerful professional baseball. Some points such as production are different.

── Please tell me the purpose and trigger to introduce the new development mode Cyberwar of this work.

Mr. Yamamoto: This time, I wanted to play the Power Poke for the first time in 10 years, and I wanted to play with my children and young people. Therefore, we aim to add an easy-to-understand mode that moving the tank and defeat the enemy, and it is easy to enter (series inexperienced person or young layer).

Please have this Cyberwar at the entrance, and from there, I would be glad if you touch the game of other success and baseball, and enjoy the fun.

── Hard has changed significantly from the original version, but was also focused on reproduction of the sense of play at that time?

Mr. Yamamoto: I feel that it is a tempo or a mini-game, and the sense of play that was fun at that time needs to be important. So, I was able to put together a force on this point.

── Power Poke was Power Poke, but HERO was A, but HERO became B and has become a topic among some fans.

Mr. Yamamoto: Although it is related to the story, Power Poke is interesting for a bit dark part (for the first time in 10 years), while maintaining that taste, and a wide range of people can be done In the case of the feeling that I wanted to play, I settled down to the form of HERO B.

─ 楽し 楽し 楽し 楽し 楽し 楽し 楽し ─ Finally, please give me a message for the reader.

Mr. Yamamoto: This time, Power Poke revives for the first time in 10 years. We are also focusing on reservation benefits, and if you buy more people, I think that you can do development that can not be removed only by this work. I hope this series can be enjoyed again, so thank you!

Han shin Kosher Stadium Certified
Stadium-style billboards reproduced in the game are produced based on the 20020 data.