Battle for the chess crown in Dubai Nepo calls King Carlsen

The beginning of the game Chess remains a mystery, however one of the most accepted variation recommends that chess was designed in Asia, possibly in India, with the name of Tauranga, as well as from there it was encompassed China, Russia, Persia as well as Europe, where The present regulations were established. However, recent research study suggests a feasible Chinese origin, in the region in between Uzbekistan as well as the old Persia, which might be mapped approximately the 3rd century. C.
Among the earliest literary documents on chess is the Persian Rhyme Kar-Namag i Hardship I Pagan, written in the sixth century. From this age, its evolution is better recorded as well as commonly accepted in the academic world. After the conquest of Persia by the Arabs, they assimilated the video game as well as spread it in the West, taking it to North Africa and Europe, and even the present Spain and also Italy around the tenth century, from where it was included the remainder of the continent getting to the Region of Scandinavia and also Iceland. In the East, chess has actually expanded from its Chinese variation, Jiangxi, Korea and Japan in the tenth century.
In the fifteenth century, the video game was extensively shared in Europe as well as among the existing versions of the game, the European one was the one that attracted attention for the indicated rate as well as also for the inclusion of girl as well as bishop. Although during that time there was currently chess literary works, it remained in this duration when the initial evaluation of openings began to arise due to the brand-new play possibilities.
The items started to be registered more regularly as well as extra theoretical researches have actually been published. In the eighteenth century the very first clubs were started for chess and also sports federations in Europe, and also due to the multitude of tiny events that occur throughout the continent, in 1851 the first global event in London was held. The appeal of global competitors has actually led to the development of the world champion title, won by Wilhelm Steinmetz in 1886, as well as, in 1924, the International Federation of Chess (FIDE) was established in Paris, which organizes the first Olympiad of Chess and also the women’s world, won by Vera Menuhin.
At the end of the 1950s, with the popularization of computer systems, the first programs were starting to arise than chess, which went along with the evolution of info treatment as well as would introduce the video game in the modern age with on-line competitors and helping with analysis of the video games.

Self-confidence does not lack world champion Magnus Carlson before his fifth duel around the chess crown. Whether his madder experience is his most important trump, is denied by the defending champion. My biggest advantage is that I better chess games, said the Norwegian before the duel starting on Friday in Dubai with the Russian Jan Nepomnjaschi. A Fabiano Mariana or Ding Linen would have been unpleasant to him as a challenger, Carlson said.

But his rival is bursting against self-confidence, finds the world’s best chess player, Audit Polar, who will be in use at the World Cup as a live commentator: His body language says I will win, and it is completely normal that I am the next world champion. The distinguishes Nepomnjaschi from the previous challengers Sergei Bargain and Mariana, who could not really have imagined a victory against Carlson.

Friendship at the pool table

FULL ARMAGEDDON GAME! Magnus Carlsen vs Ian Nepomniachtchi Norway Chess 2021

While Carlson was briefly launched the live world rankings as an 18-year-old and has been in place for more than ten years, Nepomnajaschi has been consistently good results in the last two years. Both are born in 1990. In the 2002 U-12 European and World Championships in 2002, they were first encountered each other. At the pool table, they have been touched, though Nero, when he was losing, tried to study. At the chessboard, the five and a half months older Russian won two of their first games.

From this time, the now 31-year-old to date as the only World Class player has retained a positive balance against Carlson in games with classic reflection time. Lastly, they separated in Stranger twice in September. Their last decided long game went to Carlson in July 2019 in Zagreb. At that time, Nepomnjaschi became a victim of his impulsivity as so often before. A hastily executed train led to the defeat. Since then, he has better under control. From 14 lots in the World Cup candidate tournament in Yekaterinburg, he lost only one before the excretion was interrupted on March 26, 2020, because of the Corona Lockdown in Russia.

Jan Nepomnjaschschi Imago Images / Tartans

For Nepomnjaschi that had been a happy coincidence, Carlson finds: He rarely plays well when he has lost. When the candidate tournament was continued after 13 months in April 2021, the Russian did not make a mistake in contrast to the other contenders.

Advice from FC Bayern athletic coach

In their Dubai duel attached to 14 games, it can have preliminary significance, who loses first. The fitness speaks for Carlson, but Nepomnjaschi has caught up. In the summer he has not only closed ten kilos, but also undergone a long-term sport medical examination in Munich and advised from FC-Bayern athletic coach Marcus Lindner.

Before Carlson 2013 became world champion, he has invited Nepomnjaschi several times to training camps. That from training partners become rivals, is not unusual in the top chess. In 1995, Vladimir Rank belonged to Garry Kasparov’s trainer team. Five years later, he took his world championship title. While Viswanathan was Anand world champion, he trained occasionally with Carlson, who then decreased the title. At her second Match 2014, Nepomnjaschi was one of his seconds.

In Dubai it’s about two million euros

Due to Covid-19, your match takes place with a year delay. They play at the EXPO 2020 in Dubai by two million euros — the highest prize money since 1993. The pandemic has had a positive impact on chess interest. Millions have discovered on-line chess for themselves. Far more people have seen the series The Ladies Gambit on Netflix. The Play Magnus group of companies communicated by Carlson has gone to the stock exchange: his share package is currently worth eight million euros.