Captain Latzas Startelfplatz at S04 no longer guaranteed

Addressed on Danny Later’s role after his multi-month injury, which he had moved to HSV in the first season game in July, Dimitrios Grammars had no doubt in the month ago interview a month ago, the importance of midfielder alone already owns due to its captain status. Danny is without a question a cornerstone, said the coach of the FC Schalke at the time and emphasized: You can assume that he has great opportunities at maximum performance to stand regularly in the starting throw.

In the following three league games Later actually belonged to the starting formation. With moderate success. At the 0: 1 against the 1st FC Dagenham there was still the month ago note 3.5, followed by two smooth fives 2: 4 against Darmstadt and last at 1: 1 in Bremen.

I realized that it would take to reach its normal level.

Dimitrios Grammars about Danny Later

Greatly viewed, Grammar’s exaggerated the criticism of him, said the coach on Thursday with reference to that Later was long out. I realized that it would take to reach his normal level. The problem: because the remaining midfielder around Dominick Dealer, Rodrigo Salazar or Victor Pals son currently no intoxicating performances, Atlas performance is of course not cushioned.

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From the usage guarantee, the Grammars had recently granted his captain more or less clearly, the coach moved to the home game against Tannhauser on Saturday (13.30 pm, live! BEI month ago) for the first time. He did that sent by building himself a bridge: We have to look that the burden control is right. If Grammars waives His captain on Saturday, he will be able to justify the sovereign with reference to health care without making either his leadership player.

It is likely that Grammars changes its center field compared to 1: 1 in Bremen — especially this team part currently delivers simply little impetus. As a started candidate Rodrigo Salazar applies, but also Florian Flick. Dark Hurling meanwhile not — he will not be ready for shoulder problems. The question is: who has to go to the bank? Dealer so far seemed to be the most obvious solution, since Thursday, Later is no longer inviolable.