Only one thing can WOW properly save for me Housing

Wow-demon Worthy longs for a feature in world of Warcraft. Housing. After 17 years, it is a shame that this is still missing.

Even if I currently have a lot of fun with patch 9.1.5, I realize that my guild colleagues and me slowly get out of the air. We still have our two guild evenings a week in which we do dungeons, collect transmits farms or achievements. But we hear more and more often after one or two hours.

The current content is simply sucked for us. He is not basically boring, but we have reached what we wanted to achieve and only to get the last item to 252, the visit of 10 dungeons the week is just no longer worthwhile. The perfect equip is not that important to us.

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There are always talks on what little in between games could be gambling together. And that in turn then led to the consideration what World of Warcraft would have to bring so that we wanted to spend hundreds of hours in a piece in Zeroth.

We talked about features that are missing. Over something essential, which actually all other major MMORPGs have today and lacks in World of Warcraft.

It was always back to a point: Housing.

Honestly, I feel that as a shame that it does not exist yet.

Following two decades in World of Warcraft, I still have no way to create a place that I can say Here’s my elf or that’s the shelter of my witch, is just embarrassing.

That I still have to say after 8 extensions with numerous continents, new classes and graphic revisions on a role-playing Realm: Yes, so my character lives… in this fictional house. Yes, there are NPCs in it, but we do that as if it were another house or just put us on the roof and play it in thoughts. That’s just embarrassing for World of Warcraft.

Housing can not make the world empty

An argument against Housing was always the concern that the players then seize alone in their homes and does not almost take social interaction. This is a struck, which refutes pretty much any other large MMORPG.

Housing does not make players in the community even more to individuals.

That this is the case can be said with a very short review of wild star. I still know how much fun it has done to set up a tavern together in Wild star or for hours hopping by the neighborhood and admire what other players have built so. Like a grand from the guild, just lived in a huge beer barrel, an Turin had created a small, own forest, created or a man created his twilight red-light district, which offered for a rogue RP.

It is very similar with Final Fantasy XIV. If I see videos of any nightclubs or precious villas where people to celebrate, chat or just hopping around — at the Nether, I’m so jealous.

Housing does not care that people are sitting alone in their house. If you put it well, then the houses are small hotspots, offer space for creative games, a shared place to simply chat a bit or the basis for role-playing.

Above all, the argument is that the game world then is so much empty anyway obsolete. The game world in World of Warcraft is extremely empty when it comes from capitals and the latest expansion.

This is not (only) on the decreasing player numbers, but above all the fact that in World of Warcraft Pro Realm during the Level phase 14 different shards exist. If you activate the chroma time at the level, you will enter your own Shard, in which only your current extension is active. This exists 7 times. This number is doubled if you also activate the war mode.

The huge world of Warcraft is already fragmented in 14 Shards — plus some more, which, depending on the quest progress, produce additional phases of a territory.

At the normal quest to meet another player, that happens outside the shadow lands almost no longer. At least not on my Realm.

Accordingly, Housing would not separate the players even further, but create new contact points. The most beautiful houses in the guilds would be the new hotspots or would give guild a communal space that further strengthens the feeling of togetherness.

WOW can House — but unfortunately not official

But what bothers me much more is this: I know that this is basically with World of Warcraft. I have some friends who play WoW on semi-legal servers where they can construct their own areas and can thereby simply draw on all assets of the game. When I see something, I’m always impressed — and gnashing must simultaneously with the teeth that WoW something simply does not have. At least not officially.

It would be so easy to do in theory. Copy 1, the Housing: World of Warcraft would only the first Let’s create the players own instances, the small road sections Storm wind, Grammar, a piece of forest or for that matter, a demon Palace are modeled.

Creates a new tab in the Collections window and brings there the many thousands Assets under that exist in Warcraft World of.

The numerous lamps, beds, cabinets, plants, statues and all the other objects that are everywhere in World of Warcraft. Distributes them as additional prey in all dungeons and raids, it builds into a craft, in archeology or as special items in the world that one only needs to find. Binds her to certain successes and — if it is because necessarily — it packs a few as a premium item in-game shop.

I know my teammates and me. A huge range of housing objects scattered around the game world, would our fire for WoW again completely reignite. I have a transmit fetishist in the guild, which carries almost every 20 minutes a new outfit. Considering the needs of the day more than 24 hours have on such a system releases.

Housing can completely stand alone

In the past, repeatedly emphasized that think about housing, but must find a way that it is connected to the rest of the gameplay. Housing must therefore any benefits or gameplay aspects are related to the rest of the game into contact.

My opinion: no. Just no.

Housing can all to yourself there, almost in a vacuum. There may be content that now to little relation has to the rest of the game. It requires no additional gameplay incentives.

Housing is in most other games above all a creative pastime, in which is more worried about his own character and his lifestyle — and is even more so binding to the game. Then there is the social aspect, when friends can show the in-game house-proud and is delighted with creative uses of objects.

Of course, I realize that the engine of World of Warcraft probably would need a lot of work and effort for developers is great. But it is such an important feature that I do not understand that this time was never granted.

For almost 17 years we spend time in World of Warcraft. Some makes short trips around the world, for others it is a daily ritual, become part of everyday life. That we still do not have a home in this second home, should change quickly.

Customization and self-expression has in MMORPGs a special value that can not be measured in character values ​​or gameplay elements. New character customizations have also brought her because it gave the opportunity to the players to express themselves better and be able to represent in the world.

Now do it with Housing. And if you have to hire this old WildS tar developers. Just do it.