2 700 million broken steamed steam what is the big game

The steam can record online dongjeopja more than 2,700 million and set a new record.

According to the data analysis steam db site Steam ranked number 2,738 million dongjeopja 28 November. The figure surpasses the 2,690 ten thousand people recorded last April. Steam has a bar, while steadily since the coronal 19 occurred an increase in the number dongjeopja be renewed six times dongjeopja last year.

So what is the game that is being played on most current steam? Watch for a game entering the steam can dongjeopja top. / This Is the game Reporter gimseungju

Big 3:

First, the development and operation in the operation of the steam valve matrix is:: (GO hereinafter CS) and is 1, the holding side by side the second .

is the latest . Because the work launched in 2012 Hagen called ‘latest’, but people to follow, it is still a game that holds hundreds of thousands of dongjeopja through ongoing maintenance. Series inherits from the was the most popular game is produced by the source engine, be faithful in much the assessment base of pure fun and physical Shot, FPS fighting through various strategies described.

In addition, as within viscosity effects dwaetdaneun activated:: of e-sports is enough to be comparable to the Asian has been replaced by a free-play in pay packages sold in December 2018, the Western books see.

also belongs to the same bin. takes over the Yuan map was as the official sequel produced by the source engine, successfully launched immediately after the users while entering the equipped with a user-based.

and presumably equally crazy to viscosity effect is e-sports still looks strong in Western books. Of 2021 progressed International Conference ‘The International 10’ prize is reached Hanna 47.7 billion won, let the Russian team won the Team Spirit ‘win also send a congratulatory message to the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, unusual did.

In addition to the respawn entertainment started in November 2020 with the steam service Cross play Craftsman tone was evaluated as a popular genre battle royale has won the top.

Nunyeogyeobol passage is worth nothing that accounted for The top of the valve. Was released in 2007 is greatly increased number of simultaneous connections the bar after declaring a charge-free in 2011. Currently, it seems that the high loyalty of existing users on Steam, but still not carried out a content update.

Emerge divine

I’ve to released in 2021 also joined the game Steam popularity charts. and is its protagonist.

But three times repeatedly postponed the launch of the Amazon launched in September 2021, January MMORPG riding high interest attracted the release day of concurrent users can record only 70, and popularity. Currently, the number of impressions, but several problems such as inflation problems after launch and dongjeopja reduced by more than half, are evaluated as they still wait and see until the work had a lot of expectations.

November 16 started the multiplayer beta test Halo Infinity> climbed the charts also sunwigwon. Multi-play Halo Infinite> has been free service, so bought a high interest to the public immediately after the steam dongjeopja be achieved only 26. The highly anticipated FPS appeared after a long time, Halo Infinity> The Halo series the first time in history seems to point that influenced it’s free multiplayer attempting point, first series dwaetdaneun simultaneous release of PC.


of Remade also shines a steady steam in the face dongjeopja charts after its release in August 2021. Maximum dongjeopja does Joplin than any other game in about 90,000 people, it has steadily maintaining more than 50,000 concurrent users. A first-generation P2E (Play to Earn) introduced the NFT is believed within a big impact on maintaining a steady number of game points dongjeopja Iran.

Except ▲ , ▲ such as multiplayer games it is kept 50,000 dongjeopja at 30,000. Except it showed the appearance of the software that changes the desktop can continue to enter the dongjeopja top.