Autumn Sale and Thanksgiving provide new user crow to Steam

Although I had a lot to do at the weekend, there was always the opportunity to make a few quests in the sky edge. Up, the Anniversary Edition of Skyrim stays with me a topic. But not only I was in the last few days in Steam online, but also at least 27,384,958 other people.

New User Record for Steam

Why at least? Well, because almost 20 hours ago 27,384,959 users were online simultaneously in Steam. What a number. And yes, this is a new record for Valves popular Games platform. A record with announcement: In January, Steam was able to crack the mark of 25 million players for the first time, in April it was 26 million and now just 27 million.

The reasons for the most recent rush should certainly have been the Running Autumn Sale and the Thanksgiving weekend in the US. By the way, the following games were moved most during the record:

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: 915.791 Player
Data 2: 677.744 Player
PUBG: 344.841 Player
Apex Legends: 223.963 Player
New World: 177,572 players
Halo Infinite (multiplayer beta): 142.341 players
GTA V: 132. 840 players

The global top seller during the autumn sales are read as follows:

Cyberpunk 2077
Red Dead Redemption 2

1981 11 26 Thanksgiving   Chiefs at Lions
GTA V: Premium Edition
Agricultural Simulator 22 (at the National Topsellern place 1)
It Takes Two

What does it look like, what have you gambled on the weekend? Do you think that this year the 30 million mark will be cracked? Or then 2022? Track us in the comments.

Source : Steam DB

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