Offensive standards axis where cork must now start

Pal Cardie had considered himself exactly what he wanted to say the team after the one and a half days during the reunion on Tuesday and how he would make the training week. And he lost the day after the 1: 1 against the FC Augsburg, when Bertha had lost a maximum of late and maximum annoying two points by a last-second goal, not the faith of succeeding his own mission. I believe that we are still stable, said the Hungarian on Sunday. I saw no phase in the game where Chaos was. The team is compact, the team wants, tactically looks very neat. We made a step forward, but the score…

That did not agree — and after the feeling of the sports managing director Fred BBC, much more did not agree. He found Cardie and his assistant Admit Magic and Andreas Bettendorf on Monday morning from their tasks. In the afternoon, when Dada’s successor Taken corrupt had gathered next to BBC on the podium in the media room of the club, Berths said strong man, I did not feel that many things improve.

Corrupt’s task is clearly defined

And you had the feeling that the perceptions of BBC and Cardie for the last, but certainly not for the first time in this end of almost six-month cooperation. About Output said BBC: He’s exactly the right coach for a team that needs this new impetus. The task of the new one is clearly defined: he is intended to expel this disturbingly changeable ensemble to the slope for impermanence — and raise those resources of the squad, which BBC so far sees rather unused.

The pragmatist corrupt, since the VfB Stuttgart in October 2018 without permanent employment, replaces the pragmatist Cardie. Corks Credo: Making simple things exceptionally well. Not too complicated, just stay pragmatic. The Pal Dardai says where Bertha’s new coach now needs to start.

The offensive: game in possession of possession as the largest construction site

Too schematically, too little dynamic, not variable enough: The game in possessions remained until the end Dandies’s largest construction site. The numbers are sobering. No team donated this season as a few goals as Bertha (127), none had so far had so few ball contacts in the opposing penalty area (207). Okay with Armenia Bielefeld, the Berliners created the fewest scoring chances (45). Fewer goals out of the game as Bertha (6, like Bielefeld too) just shot Fürth (5). The complete gutting of the previous year’s offensive in the summer (Mathews Cuba, John Córdoba, Jodi Lukebakio, Demand Masonic, Javier Dillon, Jessica Lanka) has not held Bertha until today. Offensive new arrivals such as Median Matilda and Islam Blondie did not limit so far, Jürgen Ekkelenkamp only pointed. The former thoroughbred striker BBC wants to see football, which is less waiting and more awarded forward. Hope for more courage, more breakdown and a fundamentally more offensive game idea — it is one of the main motives of this coach change.

Standards: Only Fürth is more prone to

Already eleven goals after dormant balls — LIGNITE’s place 17. Only tail light Fürth is more prone to (12). Cardie, who sat on a man cover on standards and later on combined man-room defense, got this problem in the network with the Standardexperten Bettendorf and Magic until most recently not under control. On Sunday, with a view to the flood of standard and head ball, If you do not know that in the Bundesliga, it costs you on the end of the season four, five places. Now it should be corrupt.

If you do not carry this in the Bundesliga, it costs you the season end four, five places.

Pal Cardie

Axis: Potential leader not very loud

Cardie predecessor Bruno Lambada was looking for her and found her until his dismissal in January 2021, also Cardie missed leader in the team. On the day after the Augsburg game, he said, There is a lack of or two leaders in the square, the order. The central defender Bedrock Boat, on Sunday at cork debut in Stuttgart to the selected red-lock again, and Niklas strong are most likely in this role, including midfielder South Serial. Problem: All three are not very loud — as well as the Routinizes Vladimir Daria and Peter Park and Keeper Alexander Schools. Bodies hope is that actors like Lucas Court, Krzysztof Plate and Jordan Torunarigha, who had recently under Cardie had no easy stand, get a boost.

Korkut übernimmt Hertha! Dardai GEFEUERT!

Switching game: The problem of the last passport

Bertha played against Leverkusen (1: 1) and Playback (1: 0) in the leadership (1: 1) and Playback (1: 0) in the leadership of Augsburg (1: 0) to finish a few counterattacks half-heartedly or sloppy — and missed against the FCA and Bayer so the decision. Dandies admissible the day before his leave: It is always ten centimeters too far forward, too far back or half-high instead of flat — the last pass must be there. The last pass is not important. And these gates are missing us. First a hit after a counter — this is a nearly pathetic yield.

Continuity: setbacks are programed

Whenever Bertha with a good appearance aroused the (deceptive) hope, actually managed the sporty turnaround, followed the next game close to the revelation. The 0: 5 in Munich at the end of August, the 0: 6 in Leipzig at the end of September, the bloodless derby performance before nine days at Union (0: 2) — the goods games in the rank of surrender declarations. With all the growth in compactness and tactical order: these relapses, in which the team almost the duration of a complete game collectively blocked, could not leave Cardie until the last. Defensive and offensive benefits such as in Frankfurt (2: 1) in mid-October were the exception. This constant sequence of Abs and ABS should end cork. I do not expect wonderlands from today to tomorrow, explained BBC. But more constancy.