Martina Voss Tecklenburg criticizes TV

Would be a decisive or preliminary World Cup qualifier of men Portugal against Germany, and the IDF would have the transmission rights — then I’m certainly that we would not only look at the LiveStream at 7 pm, Cook led on a video Press conference on Monday.

Instead, however, is that the case: the game of DFB women in Faro (19 o’clock, live! At Cook led) will not be seen in linear television. That’s really unfortunate and abused, Koch said. I want to make it clear that there must be reason to think seriously about how something can be changed.

‘SOLO SOUNDS’ instead of women’s national team

In recent weeks and months, criticism of the TV institutions had emerged. Although the previous qualifiers of the DFB-ECT were transferred, but often had to be contacted for earlier day periods. The three past home matches against Israel (7: 0), Serbia (5: 1) and Bulgaria (7: 0) took place all at 16 o’clock.

Apparently also through the influence of TV institutions. It’s said, ‘You can not play at 18 or 7 pm because there’s’ Solo Sounds ‘and there we have two million viewers’, says Federal Trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg in the current episode of the new Cook led podcast FE: Male View on Football. You can not lead, but you should not. We all surprise that we do not have so many fans in the stadiums — but nobody can go.

26 . November 202101: 05: 09 hours

Fe: Male 02 — Martina Voss-Tecklenburg

What the men’s football can look at the women and why the DFB strives to find a woman for the office of the DFB President, the national trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg speaks with us. In addition, she takes public television in the duty, revealing her passion to write poems, and explains how growing up with 7 people working in a rental apartment. With views of the EM 2022 in England, she expects decodes to be broken and the women’s football in the motherland of football should show the best of what we have ever seen.

Fe: Male 01 — BO Venison


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Especially criticized Voss-Tecklenburg ARD and IDF, which until 2023 keep the transfer rights to the international women’s national team: Television has a social mission, the public-law do not just have to go to quota.

Voss-Tecklenburg criticizes: Germany is not a sports country

IDF sport boss Thomas Furman explained in the past week: We have the mission to show the variety of sports not to promote individual sports.

With a view to foreign countries, on the other hand, Voss-Tecklenburg stated at FE: Male View on Football : Germany is not a sporty country, there are other nations ahead of us. Everyone has to question each other and say: there is another responsibility.

20181113 Interview with Martina Voss  Tecklenburg, trainer from Switzerland, after the match against
What Voss-Tecklenburg expects ambitious trainers and why they like to write poet in special moments, the German national trainer explains in the current issue of Fe: Male View on Football. The whole episode is now available on all digital Cook led channels and Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts, Podium and iTunes!