Battlefield 2042 is obtaining a Santa

Battlefield 2042 is adding SANTA CLAUSE skins!?! I am DONE with this game!!!
Battlefield 2042 will certainly get a Santa-themed skin in the close to future, as well as the community isn’t pleased concerning it.

Earlier today on December 2, a Battlefield-dedicated Twitter account put out the tweet below. The fan-run Twitter account asserts that of the incentives available for the following week in Battlefield 2042 will certainly be a Santa-themed skin for Expert Boris, providing the personality a charming red hood with a white border.

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This has actually not gone down well with the Battlefield 2042 community, at all. Just listed below, you can see an instance of one response to the post on the official Battlefield Subreddit, where an individual proclaims they’ll be purposefully distinguishing and decrying the skin if they see it in the multiplayer shooter by rejecting them ammo and revives.

The blog post has numerous up votes, and it’s rarely the only one of its kind across both main Battlefield-dedicated Subreddits. There go to least 5 prominent articles of individuals railing versus the honest skin for Boris, with some stating that it’s in some way ruined the air of genuine warfare that’s remained in the Battlefield collection for as long.

Well, there’s not long till we see just how players do react to the Santa-themed skin arriving in Battlefield 2042. The brand-new skin for Boris ought to be available at some factor within the following week for EA DICE’s brand-new shooter, and we’ll be able to see if players truly do make life heck for those that choose to dress up like Santa while fighting on the battlefield.

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