Pokemon Legends Arceus gets a new Nintendo switch driver and other accessories

Pokémon legends: Areas is directed to Nintendo Switch next month, and Horn is celebrating the game with a trio of new accessories with an official license. The ARC EUS Vault case offers a protection option that allows players to travel with their system along with 10 games. Pokémon fanatics who want to travel with their base and loader on their backs will want to opt for the adventure package. Of course, the most exciting option could be the Split Pad Pro. The controller offers users a much more voluminous option than standard Joy-Cons. The three elements present the art of mythical Pokémon and will be launched on the same day as the game.

The images of the collection can be found on the Tweet encrusted below. Anticipated orders are already available on Amazon for the Vault case (right here), Adventure Package and Split Pad Pro (right here).

In general, it looks like a great collection! For those who have not bought a Split Pad Pro, it is worth noting that it does not offer all the same characteristics that one would expect from a traditional joy. That is, movement controls, HD Rumble, support with NFC (Amino) and the infrared chamber have been eliminated. For some players, these missing features may not matter so much, but everything is reduced to personal preferences. The Split Pad Pro has been offered in several designs over the years, so it is clear that some SWITCH fans enjoy the option.

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Now that Pokémon bright diamond and bright pearl have thrown, it seems that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are beginning to focus attention on lands: Areas ! The game promises some important changes with respect to the Classic Pokémon formula, as well as some new Pokémon natives of the HIS UI region. It remains to be seen if the game will manage to offer a unique experience, but Pokemon legends: aqueous seems positioned as the first important game of Nintendo Switch of 2022. Hopefully, the game will fulfill its promise, but fans can discover it for themselves when they are Lance on January 28!

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