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Xbox ACCESS with Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only 32.99 euros per month! Source: Microsoft with the availabilities of Next-Gen consoles, that’s such a thing. Since the situation was often difficult this year and sometimes hopeless. And before Christmas, it does not necessarily look much better. If you still want to secure one of the coveted Xbox consoles Series X or S, Microsoft has an interesting offer that has not yet existed in this form: Xbox ALL Access. For 24.99 euros per month (Xbox Series S-Package) or 32.99 euros per month (Xbox Series X package) you will receive the respective console and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with selected dealers. These financing (without deposit, at 0% effective annual interest rate) have a term of 24 months and the chosen console of course belongs to you! In Germany there is this offer at Cyberpunk, Media Market and Saturn both online and stores and markets.

Series X or S? Which Xbox console should it be?

Xbox ACCESS with Xbox Series S and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only 24.99 euros per month! Source: Microsoft which of the two Microsoft Next Gen consoles fits better to you depends on various factors. First of course, of your budget. Xbox ALL Access with Xbox One S (and Game Pass Ultimate) costs 8 euros a month less than the counterpart with Xbox Series X. The difference between the two Next-Gen consoles is not necessarily huge. The Xbox Series S (single price: 299 euros) has Microsoft’s Velocity Architecture, a fast SSD with 512 GB storage volume, 3D room sound, HDR support and great graphics with up to 120 frames per second at a maximum resolution of 1440p. The Xbox Series X (single price: 499 euros), however, allows you gaming in 4k. Microsoft’s console flagship also has a twice as large SSD as the Series S and a Blu-ray drive with which your physical media can play. Features that share both consoles is accessing multiple thousand games from four Xbox generation and compatibility with all Xbox-one gaming accessories. In addition, you can use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with both consoles. What is included there, we will tell you now.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — that’s all in there!

The Xbox Game PASS ULTIMATE included in both Xbox all access offer variants is a real enrichment for the Microsoft Next Gen consoles. He grants you access to a steadily growing library of currently more than 100 great games. This includes current highlights such as Halo Infinite (from December 8), Fora Horizon 5 or Psychopath 2. In addition, you have full access to Xbox Live Gold, the online multiplayer network from Microsoft during the 24 months of Xbox ACCESS. Also included in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is EA Play. Without further costs, you can use all the features of this membership such as EA Early Access and also gets access to a huge collection of Electronic Arts games. Last but not least, you can use the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to test the Xbox cloud gaming currently still in beta phase on a variety of devices. The special feature of Xbox ACCESS are not only the many games that are now included, but the many games. Who will appear in the next two years! Look forward to games like Dragon Age 4, Fable, State of Decay 3 and many more highlights!

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What are you waiting for? Get an Xbox Series S or X with Game Pass Ultimate at Cyberpunk, Media Market and Saturn via Microsoft’s All Access Offer.

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