The costumes and music of Yakuza invite themselves in Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown

Related last June on PlayStation 4, Virtual Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown will end the year with a small surprise for the fans of Boston and Yakuza, two communities that usually make good housekeeping.

On December 8, the owners of the game and all those who downloaded it as part of their PlayStation Plus subscription or PlayStation Now will be able to afford a yakuza series Collaboration Pack including 19 costumes, 20 music and 650 customization objects from the EGG Studio Franchise. We find in particular Brad in Michigan Cayuga, AOI in Karl Panama, Eileen in Hanuka Nakamura or Lion in Gore Maxima. In addition, there are 20 musical arrangements from Virtual Fighter 3 and 40 stickers to spectators who will want to put the atmosphere during the online competitive parties, despite a network code far from unanimous. SEGA did not communicate the price of this pack.


Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown - Yakuza Series Collaboration Pack Announce | PS4

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