Qualcomm sincere in game Cloud streaming game era Opening 2021 Qualcomm

[24 immune Eye News reporter: When gamers a premium gaming experience, we will allow to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Cristiano Among, Qualcomm CEO, the last one (Reuters) — US wapiti Oh Fairmont five kits from Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit 2021, held in the hotel and Qualcomm released the first generation Snapdragon G3x ‘a gaming platform developed for the game, said thus.

The first generation Snapdragon G3x ‘is a system-on-chip (SoC) designed for gaming-only device. Third generation Snapdragon for the first generation of Snapdragon for mobile computing and 8 She is a public private platform for the game, along with 8cx.

In this regard it has also released a developer kit. Devices that are deployed to collaborate with the laser was designed based on the G Snapdragon platform.

Justin Mooney Laser Business Development, Global Director Snapdragon G3x is equipped with much more space to implement a more immersive experience, unlike a smartphone, was completely redesigned from the ground up to provide sustained performance, said, Ten because of its excellent management capabilities even when the requirements are demanding gaming device gives keeps cool temperatures, he said.

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform
Then, in collaboration with, which are game controllers professionals AKS among his innovations in control most of the Android game is designed so that you can control the virtual buttons on the screen, he said, dwaeteumyeo designed to be suitable for live-streaming, portable game streaming broadcasting tool can also be used there can be, he said.

A K-System (AKS) is a local start-up has developed a ‘sake’ Game Controllers. The Qualcomm-it provided a laser and a key driver and haptic technology to the project, the touch map technology. Gijón AKS Representative at the end of a rough demanding technical and performance validation to compete with the well-known game pad manufacturer in the world has been selected as Qualcomm’s technology partner was involved in developing and continuously over the core technology development, high-growth portable games he himself would be to secure a solid position in the market.

Such games market was possible stogie the accumulated step by step Snap Dragon Elite Gaming ‘solutions from existing mobile. Qualcomm on-melt whilst the graphics and game technologies for mobile platforms has been able to re-design solutions for the gaming device to more expansion.

Micah lead Qualcomm’s product management senior director is the game The important thing after all anywhere like it to be able to play games in gaming, he said, on the go constantly on their favorite to be a long time relaxing and can comfortably fit into a pocket. I explained that it should be secured mobile saints.

In addition, Snapdragon mobile platform is already providing’re amazing performance in the smartphone game has needed a new Snapdragon to meet the needs of only one gamer needs, he said, the world game industry scale was about 175 billion US dollars Creating a platform containing the film industry and more specifically for gaming innovation on a larger scale than the sum of the size of the music industry, he stressed reached.

◆ open, cloud-based game streaming Era

The ultimate goal of building new gaming platform, Qualcomm is that every Bathtub game titles, breaking down the boundaries between operating systems in your hand anytime, anywhere to play your favorite games. To do this, it was possible stogie a cloud-based environment that is emerging.

That is, She was alive while Qualcomm’s ‘connectedness’ advantage reborn to condense Kowloon SoC technology to mobile platforms. However, more than anything Snap Dragon-related ecosystem requires to be induced jobs for a seat on the gaming platform in order to break down these boundaries is possible. It is also the reason that Qualcomm continues to yieoohgo collaboration of gaming companies.

Snapdragon G3x Developer’s Kit is running on default Android. Android ecosystem can connect to all my genome. If necessary, console games were also available in the cloud-based streaming and George hagekkeum contrast, large display and can be connected as VR, AR, such as a TV.

In particular, as well as Wi-Fi may proceed with the console or PC games to cellular. By using an app like parsecs (Parsec) it may be controlled gaming PC remotely.

Lead Senior Director of Cloud will open the era of the game streaming adding, There may be more than 100 Xbox games directly from the cloud to the Xbox game pass, said, even though most of the graphics processing pirogi in the cloud, still fast you need a wireless connection to devices with high accuracy controller snap dragon emphasized it would alleviate any worries.