Diabo II Resulted Patch 2 3 Bugs Holding Patch Delivery Fixed Traps and Hudora with Teleport

Blizzard Entertainment delivers patch to fix the defects generated in Patch 2.3 of Diablo II Resurrected (Diablo II: Resurrected).

Patch 2.3 has added offline difficulty scale options, and the ability to test pet and summoner and mercenaries to players.

Bugout clones before and after pivot screw

This patch is the purpose of fixing its correction, and the problem of trap of Assassin and Saucers Tell to the player’s position. In addition, defects related to difficulty scaling in the console version and defects for skill assignment in Windows version are also fixed.

The patch is not delivered for the Nintendo switch, and it is to update this forum when delivery is possible.

Diablo II Resulted is distributed for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Nintendo switch /Windows (BATTLE.net).