Wow Attention Today you can the magic tower

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A mini-series is devoted to it on Netflix. It is called in French of: Colin in black and also white

A special event in world of Warcraft is started. You have two weeks to earn properly cool skins.

Actually, the big content drought prevails in World of Warcraft and waiting for patch 9.2. For two weeks, however, there is really something to do. The time immigration: Legion is for the first time since patch 9.1.5 and that means some fresh (or warmed) content. There are mythical + — dungeons from Legion — and the famous-notorious ministry tower is continuously active for the duration of the event.

What is there in the magic tower? The magic tower was a solo-endgame content of the extension Legion. At that time, the players could earn very special skins here for their artifact weapons. Previously, it was said that the skins will be lost forever as soon as Legion ends — and so it came then.

During the time immigration, however, the magic tower is active again and grants some new rewards. Although this is not exactly the old skins, but properly chic class sets. These are color variations of the mythical tomb of the Sarges animal sets.

How hard is the magic tower? Blizzard tried to make the tower even in Shadow lands a solid challenge. Therefore, there is a whole range of restrictions. Certain capabilities can not be used, and the character attributes are set to a fixed value. It is therefore not possible for the challenges to Outlier — you have to actually master the fighting.

How long do you have time? Overall, you have 2 weeks to pass the challenges of the magic tower. Because the first time the time immigration takes: Legion 2 weeks. Then the tower closes again and comes again in a few months. Who wants to have the skins, should therefore put in stuff — until the 21st of December you have time.

What else is there? In addition to the coveted weapons skins, the developers have yet another delicacy installed in the magic tower. Who creates it to complete all the challenges of the magic tower (a total of 7), which can earn a new riding. This is a flying magic book where you can fly into the battle in the future to show all the world that the magic tower has not presented a real challenge for you.

The colleagues of TOWHEAD have taken a small video to the magic book:

And who is still not enough, which can complete the tower challenges with all classes on all specializations. This then rewards with the success Ruminant Triumph or in English Tower Overwhelming. However, the success does not grant a reward — but perfectly suitable to specify a little of all.

Do you want the challenges of the magic tower? Or do not you interest the new skins?