Announced Star Wars Eclipse A new and mysterious Quantic Dream Space Adventure

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The gala of the Game Awards has started with everything high in referenced to new ads and has left very soon the presentation of Star Wars Eclipse. A new game inspired by the Space Saga by Antonomasia that is still in a very early stage of development and that it will suppose the first great collaboration of Quantico Dream with Lucas films Games to carry out what is expected to be a new title with all the identity signs of the creators of Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain or Detroit: Become Human.

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer

Star Wars Eclipse, a game with the stamp of David Cage?

On the title we barely have new data as well as everything that indicates the fact that Quantico Dream is one of the main developers. Fun dally narrative orientation is also confirmed in the official profile created by developers that can be observed on the official website of the title. In this, we are also assured that the title was inspired by the epic of the discharge.

Decisions, consequences and much more for a Star Wars Eclipse that completes an increasingly broader offer of new titles related to space franchise. With Kings of The Old Republic already announced for the fan’s delight, it seems that soon we will have even more reasons to be happy if we are looking forward to the video game franchise after the great success that Jedi supposed: Fallen Order.