Control How to cross the labyrinth of ashtrays

The labyrinth of ashtrays in Remedy’s Control is a confusing series of corridors and rooms. With apparently no end, players can go to turn in circles in the labyrinth. How are players supposed to reach the end of an almost infinite labyrinth?

The ashtray labyrinth is accessible early enough in the game. It’s easy to fall into the trap and desire to explore. He attracts new players and do not let them go out without the right conditions. Fortunately, Gamers heroes and revolution of the game reported on this exact thing.

Ashtray Maze: What is it?

The Labyrinth ashtray has some other names in the game and in the Fandom, including the Mirror Labyrinth and the Astral Labyrinth. As something an episode of Who is a labyrinth that looks like a hotel lobby, with rooms, retro wallpaper, sift light and decorative plants.

According to revolution of the game and Gamers Heroes, entry into the labyrinth starts very early in the game and does not prevent players from entering before they are ready. Although available early, it is not ready for players to a certain point in history. By entering early, the players will remain stuck in an endless loop of repeated corridors.

How to cross the labyrinth of ashtrays

The short answer is: Wait.

The BEST thing in Control: The Ashtray Maze (Polaris Mission)

The long answer is in the eighth mission, the player will receive an object that will allow him to finally reach the end of the labyrinth with ease. If this answer is vague, it is that a lot of spoilers are involved. Just know that if you are in the labyrinth too early, you will not be able to reach the end. Wait until you are asked to go to the labyrinth and stop you to catch a special object. All this is part of the story so as not to miss it.

While players may want to explore every aspect of the game early, try not to be the prey of the labyrinth and waste time before the game does not ask you.