Rockstar Games Rumor Stand a announcement of Bully 2 with the Game Awards to the debate

Bully 2 IS REAL And Was Supposed To Be At The Game Awards - HUGE LEAK
Since now several years, there are always rumors and speculation around a successor to the Action Adventure Bully. In the younger past, it was a bit quieter around the game again. However, it seems that it would almost have come to an announcement within the scope of this year’s issue of The Game Awards.

That claims at least the well-known insider Tom Henderson, who has made a name for itself mainly by correct leads around the shooter series Battlefield and Call of Duty. He recently wrote himself to speak Via Twitter and had to say this: Bully 2 was expected as a surprise salary at The Game Awards last week. Some people had recently seen a lot of material that suggested such a revelation. The information situation is currently slightly blurry, so I have to stay a bit more here. As soon as I learn more, I will report immediately.

The whole thing should of course enjoy with a certain caution, especially since an opinion on the part of the developer studio Rockstar Games is so far out, whereby you are traditionally not commented on rumors. Only last year announcements circulated, according to Rock star, the work on Bully 2 allegedly set to clear more resources for GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2.