WOW Hotfixes from 15 December for PVP

Already in the last days and weeks of today’s ID change in World of Warcraft was always in the focus of Blizzard Posts. This also forms the patch notes for the hotfixes of 15 December 2021 published in the last night. The changes concern WoW: Shadow lands and Burning Crusade Classic.

That changes in Shadow lands

The changes for Shadow lands relate to Legion time migration and the PVP war dirt:

The Legion time immigration will now run for two weeks longer with all related content (including mythic + and magic tower). The end of the event is now planned for 05 January 2022.
At Alias in the halls of the atonement, immunity effects should no longer be susceptible to Süsslichtvisionen.
The Buff War Shirt now also increases the honor received by 40 percent.

That changes in TBC Classic

We already dealt with an extra news: Blizzard brings the Animal 5-Raid’s snake scraper and fortress the storms on the patch 2.4.3 stand. Here are the changes:

You do not need any attorns to enter the two RAID instances.
You can now penetrate directly to Lady Vast without having to defeat any other boss before.
The path to Karl’this is free if you want to stop by there first.

Official patch notes for hotfixes of 15 December 2022

Dungeons and Raids

Legion Time walking (Including The Weekly Quest, Dungeon Queue, Mythic +, and Mage Tower Components) Will Now Run For Two Additional Weeks, ending on January 4th (in Na).
halls of atonement
Player Immunities Should No Longer Make the Player Susceptible to Sunlight Visions.

Player versus Player

Spoils of War Now Increases Honor Gains by 40%, in Addition to Increasing Conquest Gains by 25%.
DEVELOPERS ‘NOTE: Honor Gains Lagged Behind Conquest Gear Acquisition After Enabling Spoils of War. This Change Matches The 25% Gain In Conquest, With A Little Extra To Give Players Just Starting Out Easier Access to Gear Late in The Season.

Burning Crusade Classic

42-0 Windwalker Monk Shadowlands 9.1.5 2v2  Rated Arena PvP

Fixed to Issue Where Players Would Be Saved to Tempest Keep Before Defeating Any Bosses.
Tempest Keep and Serpent shrine Cavern Are Now in Their Post-Nerf State (Original Burning Crusade Version 2.4.3).
Attunements ARE No Longer Required to Gain Entry Into Tempest Keep and Serpent shrine Cavern.
Lady Vast’s Bridge Console in Serpent shrine Cavern Can Now Be Activated Without Having to Defeat Any Other Bosses.
The Doorway To Deal’this Subscriber’s Room Is Now Immediately Open Without Needing to Defeat Other Bosses.

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