Person celebrates his 25th anniversary with a luxury edition of his soundtrack 15 vinyl and 400 dollars

They have already passed 25 years Since the saga person was born as a spinoff of Shin Mega mi Tense, and Atlas is celebrating with events such as the person 25th Anniversary Special Orchestral Concert, the Japanese concert of the melodies more iconic of the saga. Because any fan who has enjoyed the RPG franchise has been attached to his soundtrack.

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In this sense, Atlas has not forgotten the fans of music from his saga and has prepared a careful edition for collectors of his soundtrack in vinyl that promises to be up to the celebration. He has put on sale the Producer IAM8BIT and consists of 15 vinyl discs limited edition with certificate of authenticity.

Discs are manufactured in thematic colors for each game The case is designed by Drew Wise and decorated with reasons of the 25th anniversary of the saga and its discs are manufactured in different thematic colors for each title of the franchise. The complete package includes more than eight and a half of music recently remastered from the Games’ person 1, 2 (Innocent without and Eternal Punishment), 3, 4 and 5.

The edition will include exclusive stickers and postal packages for each of the game games. If you are interested, you can reserve it on the official website of IAM8bit and its price amounts to 400 dollars. The delivery will be made in two pandas: the first will arrive at third quarter of 2022 and the second, in 2023. The last installment of the franchise has been one of the great RPG of recent years, an essential degree of which we are talking about in our analysis of person 5: Royal.